Reappearing folder?

  gord57 23:12 24 Jan 2007

Hi - I have an empty folder on my desktop which I keep on deleting, but which is back there when I restart my PC... why does it keep coming back?
Thanks, GW

  anskyber 23:20 24 Jan 2007

Does it have a name or label? If you right click and choose properties and the general tab does it tell you what it is for?

  gord57 19:42 25 Jan 2007

Yes, it has a name. Originally it contained some MP3 files, and I moved the whole folder from the desktop into My Documents, but an empty folder of the same name keeps reappearing on the desktop although I delete it every time I see it!

The 'General' tab in Properties gives its name ('Mum mp3'), size as 0 bytes, type as File Folder, location as Desktop, attributes as read only.

Its not a big deal, just wondering WHY... and is there a different way to delete it, apart from right-click & delete?

  baldtaco 19:52 25 Jan 2007

Use this and go for the delete on reboot - click here

  SANTOS7 19:53 25 Jan 2007

Its reappearing because you have a third party prog creating it for you i would hazzard a guess at something to do with music downloads or something like that, if you can identify the prog that is creating the folder maybe you can configure it not to do so..

  Technotiger 20:03 25 Jan 2007

Hi, have you tried changing the attributes so that you can then delete it ...

click here

  gord57 22:29 25 Jan 2007

I seem to have found it - Media Player (thanks Santos7) was using the folder as the default location for imported music (no idea why), so I guess it wouldn't let me delete it.
I changed the default, deleted the folder, restarted, and it was gone.

Many thanks to you all for the help & advice,

  Mad Mick 22:46 25 Jan 2007

And now you can close the thread. Yes?

  gord57 19:13 26 Jan 2007

...Yes (thanks)

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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