Realtek Network Card Problem

  Murielson 1 14:34 02 Feb 2011

I have been trying to sort out a sound channel problem via another thread within the Help room and have now encountered another proble which I believe will benefit from a standalone thread.
Initial problem is here: click here

System is Advent T9107 desktop, several years old, running Windows XP, Motherboard: Asus P5SD2-TM-5A motherboard, Network Card Realtek 8139 / 810X (Onboard), Sound Card Realtek AC'97 audio
I tried to install a Soundblaster PCI card to sort out the sound issue and was getting no response from the system in recognising the card and installing etc so I moved to another slot. Normal procedures, switching off power etc when dealing with hardware.

Problem is that when I put the card in the last slot that I tried, I got a message stating the registry had been editted (changes to registry saved or something similar).

This did not result in the soundcard now being recognised but it has resulted in Network Adapter becoming unavailable. Can no longer connect to internet etc and all network icons have disappeared from network window in control panel.

Beyond my knowledge at the moment and not exactly certain what has happened or the way forward to resolve so any advice appreciated. The network adapter is onboard Realtek same as audio which was/is my original problem. Does the system think I put a network card in rather than an audio card and has adjusted registry? If so, when I removed the card why did it not change back, ie, uninstall?

Belarc info for network detailed below from before problem occurred ie, with old settings that worked. This is the info under communication:

Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC
Dhcp Server: none responded
Physical Address: 00:17:31:3B:A3:3D
Networking Dns Servers:

Settings now that the system is not operating correctly ie, based on whatever has happened when I tried to install sound PCI card:

Agere Systems PCI-SV92PP Soft Modem #2
Network Card MAC Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00

Any help appreciated.

  Jollyjohn 13:44 03 Feb 2011

Reboot and enter the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key as pc boots.

Look for the Network card and sound card and disable them - save changes and continue the boot up.

In Windows go to control panel - hardware - device manager and remove the soundcard and network card - if listed.

Reboot - re enter BIOS and enable the network card - save changes - continue to boot. When Windows starts it should find new hardware and install the drivers.

Drivers may be found on your hard drive -
"From version 2.x of the recovery system onwards you can install applications from the c:\applications folder. Drivers can be installed from the c:\applications\drivers folder and utilities from the c:\applications\tools folder. You will still need to install Microsoft Works from the supplied CD." Quote from Motherboard support site.

Once network card is working reboot - enable sound card in BIOS OR install the soundblaster card.

  Murielson 1 13:58 06 Feb 2011

John thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay in just getting back on. I have followed the suggestion above and everything works correctly for the sound driver, ie, re-intsalls correctly on start up.

However, I still have the problem with the LAN driver (Realtek RTL8139) as it never seems to be there. Therefore unable to uninstall, disable etc. It is as if it doesn't exist even after I have installed and reinstalled many times but with no success.

This leads me to believe that it has been disabled or removed in the registry which fits in with what happened when I tried to install the soundblaster card, ie, the message came up stating 'changes saved to registry (or similar)'.

When I look at the network adapters now and view hidden files, I just get default adapters (I think) but not the 8139 that used to be there. It never re-appears even when drivers are loaded/installed.

  Murielson 1 17:05 07 Feb 2011

Anyone anything to add? Suggestions welcomed.

  Ashrich 17:31 07 Feb 2011

If it is available in the bios , which as an older machine it may be , you need to assign an IRQ to that PCI slot that you put the soundcard into , you then reboot and let XP reassign the rest of the IRQ's to the other hardware and thus get things working again .


  Murielson 1 23:13 07 Feb 2011

Ashley - I fitted the card, couldn't get it to work and therefore removed it. Unfortunately I am left with working, albeit single channel audio, but the installation of the card has resulted in a change to my system taht has removed/amended/corrupted my network settings.

In an old Belarc printout it shows Realtek RTL8139 under communications but now it isn't there. I have re-installed the drivers several times but is it not showing under the network adapters in Device Manager so I am at a loss.

As previously stated I have a memory of a window popping up when the sound card was detected stating that changes to the registry had been saved. I therefore think it is a registry setting that is preventing the onboard network LAN (Realtek RTL8139) showing up.

Thanks for the responses to date and please keep them coming.

  Ashrich 18:10 08 Feb 2011

Try doing a system restore back to a point before the trouble started , either that or a repair installation of XP .


  Murielson 1 12:58 09 Feb 2011

May well have to take the repair XP route but just thought I would add the following to see if it made more sense to anyon:

When I try to set up a network connection using wizard, I get the "Wizard cannot find your network hardware" message.

Any further suggestions welcomed.

  Murielson 1 13:19 09 Feb 2011

Can also confirm that I see the following when shwoing hidden device under Network Adapters in Device Manager:

Direct Parallel
WAN Miniport (IP)
WAN Miniport (IP) - Packet Scheduler Miniport
WAN Miniport (L2TP)
WAN Miniport (PPPOE)
WAN Miniport (PPTP)

But no Realtek RTL 8139 which is what I believe it should be and what was displayed on an old Belarc download. I have re-installed the Realtek driver but it does not appear under Network anywhere that I can see. Still just get WAN etc icons above.

  Jollyjohn 13:31 09 Feb 2011

Is the Realtek listed anywhere in the BIOS - under integrated peripherals - Onboard PCI devices?
(If it is not listed it would appear it has failed and you will need to install a pci net card to get a connection)

  Murielson 1 15:31 09 Feb 2011

John - Am at work so no access at present. Fro m memory all I have the option to do in BIOS is to enable or disable onboard LAN and Audio, not called up by name or type.

If the easiest option appears to be putting in a network card then this seems like the simplest answer. I will get hold of one and give it a try.

I just keep coming back to the message that flashed up, with no options, that changes to the registry had been saved and just wondered if it was a registry entry that I needed to twek based on whatever changes the system made when I tried to install the sound card. Very strange but I don't have enough knowledge to examine the registry to see what the problem(s) may be.

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