RealPlayer for Linux(Howto)

  Chegs ® 04:07 07 Apr 2004

Just a quick question,it seems that .RAM files can be played in Linux,by installing RealPlayer Basic.I have so far d/l'ed two different files,niether of which I can get to install into RedHat 9.Anyone any clues as to how I can listen to net radio (with either .RAM/.WMF streams)if I cannot get this bothersome player to install?

I use JetAudio in windows,as RealPlayer has always been a hassle,and just wondered if anyone has a fav app they use in Linux.

  powerless 06:13 07 Apr 2004

[from the RP site]

Once you've successfully completed the download, you will be ready to install the RealPlayer. To do this, you must make the installer executable and then run it:


chmod u+x rp8_linux_powerpc_cs1.bin


Open a konsole or is it Terminal in redhat...

Make sure your in the directory where you have the RP file.

For example desktop.

So change the directory.

Then type: chmod u+x rp8_linux_powerpc_cs1.bin

Then: ./rp8_linux_powerpc_cs1.bin

  powerless 06:15 07 Apr 2004

But you'll know either way.

  Chegs ® 13:42 07 Apr 2004

I did this,but on attempting to run the rp d/l I get a message about "unable to run a binary file"

  Chegs ® 18:36 08 Apr 2004


  Djohn 19:01 08 Apr 2004

I had a similar problem in the sense I didn't want to download realplayer from their site. [This is for windows XP]. Not sure if it will help you but I went to the BBC page and followed the link from there to listen to music through their player. [BBC]

This also require Realplayer but the version your offered is very basic and places minimal files on your machine.

Follow the on-screen instructions to download and when Realplayer ask for your e-mail address and other personal info just hit the cancel button it will carry on and install. This is the advice from the BBC.

Once you have installed realplayer in this method it will not show up on your desktop or in your taskbar after the first use, so you will be unaware it's there unless you go looking for it.

Now if I want to listen to the BBC radio, I click on the link and the BBC player will open and play the selected station without any reference to realplayer.

Click here for the BBC guide to installing realplayer 8. click here j.

  Chegs ® 23:00 08 Apr 2004

I gave up on the fight with Real and RedHat,and removed RedHat and reloaded Mandrake 9 instead.The result...

I now have RealPlayer installed in Linux.

Thanks Djohn,I followed your link and was able to d/l the RPM format file,which installed without a hitch.

rpm -i rp8_linux20_libc6_i386_cs2_rpm

Hit return,wait a few seconds then run thru the cfg of RealPlayer.To launch Real I had to go to my chosen webstream,click the "Listen now" then click the Real icon,just like I do in XP.

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