Realod Back Up CD help please

  Jaro 14:12 15 Feb 2007

Hi, i want to to ask is it possible to reload system from reload back up CD that i got from PC manufacturer to another PC or it must be only the one i bought from them? i have tried to do it but it looks like the reload CD or software is locked to bios on original PC . Is there any other way how to reload this software i mean OS plus other software to different PC? if yes how can i do it? the prob is that the original PC is broken and i need to reload the software onto other PC. thank you

  PaulB2005 14:15 15 Feb 2007

"Is there any other way how to reload this software i mean OS plus other software to different PC?"

NO. The software is licensed to the original PC only.

  skidzy 14:21 15 Feb 2007

Can you explain more :

Has the harddrive died ?

Has the motherboard died ?

If the harddive is ok ? if so,you may be lucky with a new mobo if indeed this is the case.
A simple phone call may be needed to microsoft to reactivate windows.

  Jaro 14:33 15 Feb 2007

the problem is that the original HD died in this case is it possible to reload to another HD ? the company i bought the PC from does not exist any more.

  Jaro 14:39 15 Feb 2007

i will ask this way ... what i need is to get my windows XP home working again so if there is not possibility to reload from the CD is it possible to activate win XP home again and how can i do it if i don't have original install CD? the only thing i have is the label from the OS with the CD key on it. Would that be possible to install the xp home using my friends winxp home install cd and than activate my own cd key?

  skidzy 15:09 15 Feb 2007

I think your going to need a new hdd and new copy of windows,basically as PaulB2005 has pointed out.

However you can load a friends windows disc if xp and try to use your key promises this will work as your windows has already been registered with Microsoft.

  Jaro 15:11 15 Feb 2007

ok thank you for your help i will try that who knows it may work and i will not have to buy another copy of OS.

  PaulB2005 16:00 15 Feb 2007

Hang on. Sorry perhaps i jumped the gun here.

First of all who made the PC?

The real situation is that it depends on what the manufacturer has done. If the Hard Drive is tattooed (has a hidden file on it to identify it) then you won't be able to use the CDs even with a new Hard Drive. I have re-tattooed a hard drive once. It was very complicated and took several attempts to get the commands right.

If the disks are locked to the motherboard then replacing the hard drive SHOULDN'T be a problem.

Finally see if you can borrow a hard drive from someone and see if that works.

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