REALLY stupid question about graphics cards..

  HawkeyePierce 12:16 14 Apr 2003


I know this a daft question as I ask it, but I'm looking at upgrading my 32MB SDRAM nVidia based geForce2MX with a 128MB DDR ATI based card. Now, logic tells me that the RAM on the card is irrelevant to the RAM capabilities of the MoBo since it only connects via the AGP. The graphics cards are like little mainboards all on their own these days.

So, the silly question of the day so far is...will a DDR based card work in a MoBo that doesn't support DDR RAM itself? As I said, I wouldn't have thought it a problem, but PC manufacturers do like to throw us some bad balls sometimes.........

Thanks in advance.

  Taran 12:39 14 Apr 2003

Yes, it will work fine in terms of the cards DDR memory, but your AGP X rate will probably be the deciding factor here.

Older motherboards are often locked at a low AGP rate, so it will restrict a modern card to a certain extent, but as you say, since almost all of the work is done by the graphics card these days rather than by calling on your CPU and system RAM, you should notice a very serious difference in performance once you upgrade.

Just run a search on your motherboard website for compatibility issues as some older boards react poorly to certain cards. As in all things, homework before getting the wallet out...

  HawkeyePierce 12:44 14 Apr 2003

Thanks for that,

The Motherboard isn't that old. Supports AGP 4x as does the card I was thinking of (the Radeon 9000 Atlantis).

Will look for info on the board to see if it's OK with ATI based cards (Chantech 7AJA2 if anyone knows off the top of their heads)

Thanks again. Will 'resolve' it once checked about MoBo :o)

  Nonnyriley 13:18 14 Apr 2003

in relation to this, does the speed of your motherboard agp really make a big difference?. My motherboard is fairly new but has 4x agp slot.

  pj123 14:33 14 Apr 2003

There are no "stupid questions" on here. If you don't know something - ask. that is what this forum is all about. I do. So please continue to post.

  HawkeyePierce 04:05 15 Apr 2003

I only said "stupid" cos I know the answer, but it's one of those things that when you THINK you know, you probably don't, and find out you were wrong all along ;o)

  AndySD 04:45 15 Apr 2003

click here for the MoBo Universal-AGP slot for both 2x/4xAGP (v2.0 compliant)
click here for the card.

  Kyomii 04:58 15 Apr 2003

The most important thing you need to check is voltages! Make sure the card has the correct voltage for your specific AGP slot as some new cards now have work from lower voltages.

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