scuba steve 21:04 10 Mar 2006

Hello there, i have a utterly rubbish computer that i want to upgrade but the only thing im worried about is the cpu, at the moment it is just a 800mhz AMD DURON CPU and i want to change it to a AMD ATHLON (XP,64 or Athlon of which will be Higher then 1.8GHZ) but i dont wont to fork out dosh if i isnt gonna work in the end, do motherboards have a limit to what CPU you can use?? this may sound like a simple question to you guys but im no PC wizard and am really just getting into the whole computer thing, so if you can please just help i will be extremely grateful!
Cheers Guys n Guls,

  hzhzhz 21:07 10 Mar 2006

which mobo do you have?.

  scuba steve 21:09 10 Mar 2006

I have no idea! how can i find out???? i can open the PC and look for a name!

  octal 21:12 10 Mar 2006

You could try an audit program like this one click here which should tell you.

  scuba steve 21:17 10 Mar 2006

Thanks dude - what an awesome program -
this is what it said!

Main Circuit Board -

Board: MicroStar Inc. MS-6340 1.0E
Bus Clock: 66 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. V3.0 01/19/01

? Not quite sure what this means but someone smart like you will have the answer ;)

  scuba steve 21:23 10 Mar 2006

so what now? have any idea what is my CPU limit and what type of CPU can i use? Athlon XP or 64, Intel Pentium 3 or 4??

  scuba steve 21:35 10 Mar 2006

anyone??? if you dont know please tell me

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:38 10 Mar 2006

This is the cpu support list for the nearest I can find on the MSI website.

click here

  scuba steve 21:44 10 Mar 2006

well this motherboard max cpu usage is 1ghz so no use to me! you have an idea what motherboard i should get need for AMD CPU 1.8ghz or more! also, if i replace my motherboard, will anything be changed on my computer or does the hard drive save everything that i see on the computer?? cheers guys. last question i swear ;)

  dagwoood 21:57 10 Mar 2006

If you purchased a new motherboard and cpu, your memory would not be compatible with them so you would have to buy some more memory. If you have a graphics card installed, that may not be compatible either.

If you went to the expense to do all of the above, you would have to back up all the data you want to save. Then you would need to format your hard drive and do a clean install of your operating system and then load your data that you've backed up.

You would be better off buying a complete new system to be honest.

  scuba steve 22:04 10 Mar 2006

wel i really dont have a choice on the new system, i have about £140 to blow on upgraded (ive already worked it out i can get with that money - includes 512mb memory, CPU (AMD),Geforce 5 card and a XP windows upgrade)
what you have said has kind of made me upset - is it REALLY a big deal? ,my hard drive, will all my data be wiped off if i replace my motherboard and what do i have to do, format it??
and why wouldnt my memory be compatible??
and a clean install of my operating system - you mean windows??? i dont understand how taking out my hard drive and then putting it on to a new mother board will wipe everything off it? by the way im not great with computers so you kinda have to help me out here lol :)

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