REALLY EASY Video Editing Software recommendations

  lou29 20:56 23 Aug 2008

Well all you very kind computer people have managed to sort me out so far so here we go again.

Now I have actually got the DVD's onto the hard drive I want to edit out all the bits of floor recorded when my Dad forgot to turn it off.

I am looking for a REALLY EASY video editing programme. I want the video to run in the line at the bottom instead of, or as well as, in the window (don't you just love all the technical terms I keep using !)so I can cut it at the exact place. The "timeline" confuses me I sort of want to see it and cut. Am I asking too much or does anyone know of a programme that will do that. I was working with Windows Movie Maker but I just can't get it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Les28 23:02 23 Aug 2008

You mean the storyboard view as opposed to the timeline view, you can click to show timeline or storyboard view in WMM, just select Storyboard view, I think it's the default view in any case.

If you just want to cut out some parts of the video in WMM, drag your clip down to the first square in the storyboard, bottom left of the screen,click on that clip in the storyboard, then click the play arrow below the preview window on the right half of screen, this becomes the pause button now, then click the pause button when you find the spot you want to stop, you can fine tune the exact spot by using the frame at a time buttons also under the preview window after clicking the pause button, then click Clip on the top of screen menu bar, then click Split from the drop down list, now you have two clips in the storyboard, do that around the bits you want to remove, then right click any clip you want to remove from the storyboard window and click Delete so you're just left with the bits you want.
Plenty of tutorials online for WMM, no harm in trying to get used to WMM as a lot of vid editing progs are quite similar.

Arc Soft Showbiz DVD is a good easy program and like most video editing programs you can take your movie straight from a dvd to edit, you can try a time limited free download. Video Redo Plus is another easy to use free trial one.

  lou29 23:57 23 Aug 2008

Thank you so much for your help, at first reading it seems like it is going to go right over my head and straight out the front door but I am going to digest it slowly and I am sure I will pick it up. If not you can be sure I will be back !!

  lou29 18:53 24 Aug 2008

I'm back again - was so pleased, though I was doing really well but of course, it all came crashing down around my head - again.

I had a 1hr 33min, jumbled mess to sort, so I cut each section and saved it as a "project" thinking when I have done all the others I could just drag and drop the "projects" in the order I wanted and add the fancy bits then How wrong was I. Now I have all these seperate "projects" and can't join them. Anyone got any bright ideas about how I can merge them or some software that will allow me to save my sections seperately (and there will be lots) and merge them as I want at a later stage. I had a trial of Videoredo but that can't find the original video and all these formats are too confusing - I just cannot get it.

Thanks for all you help, this project would most definately have been aborted well before now if it wasn't for you lot.

  Grey Goo 19:05 24 Aug 2008

Nero vision Express may help you out, part of the Nero package. Trial version available
click here

  Grey Goo 19:06 24 Aug 2008

Sorry looks like Vision express not part of the trial

  Grey Goo 19:14 24 Aug 2008

Try this one
click here

  Grey Goo 19:17 24 Aug 2008

Don't work. I'll go away

  lou29 21:10 24 Aug 2008

Thanks for your help Grey, please don't go away. You never know you may be able to think of something that will help. Am now going off to find out what "publishing" means because I have just seen something about publishing each "project" to the PC and then they can be added together (or something like that) got to be worth a try. Thanks anyway

  GroupFC 22:35 24 Aug 2008

"Publish" means finalise the project i.e make a completed film.

One you have done that you will have a series of short films on your PC, that you can then import into a new project in WMM, drag them to the timeline, and then finalise the new prject to make a complete film.

There are lots of tutorials on the web about WMM such as click here
and click here. I suggest that a bit of time spent studying these, might lessen the frustration you feel at the moment! (It certainly was time well spent in my case, as before I had a good read up, I was going to through the PC out of the window it was so frustrating!)


  lou29 23:44 24 Aug 2008

Think I am getting there and yes I will have a read but you see when I read these things most of it goes over my head as I do not know what they are talking about. I have to want to do something then find out how, but I will definately speand some time.

However (I know I know patience is not my best virtue!!) I guess I need to make all the "bits" how I want them then publish them. If I put a transition of some sort or some text at the begining (or the end for that matter)of a "bit" when I join the next bit on will it work smoothly because I assume once you publish and join them you cannot edit it again.

Thanks so much - I am going to find out how to do this if it kills me. A nice prgramme that does it easily would help too. Got a trial of Videoredo but it might as well be in Chineese for all I can make out. lol

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