Really bad errors need some help

  ACOLYTE 13:47 08 Dec 2005

Ok,was surfing this site and pc just quit on me the power was still on but nothing else worked,had to turn off at plug.
When i restarted the pc would'nt boot the power came on and that was it nothing on monitor no beeps nothing.
I did eventually get it to boot by clearing the bios cmos dont know why that worked but it did.
Then windows got so far and i got a flash of a BSOD and then nothing,it doesnt stop on screen long enough to read,i cant stop this happening because i cant get into windows to turn it off.
I have tried booting into safe mode and the pc restarts at the file Mup.sys.
I have booted from the XP CD and ran a checkdisk it found some errors and i assume fixed them,but it still doesnt boot and i get the BSOD.I fixed the MBR and got the message that the pc had a none standerd MBR now i cant accsess anything at all i dont even get the BSOD anymore,is there a way around this or will i need to format the pc?.

I am not to sure what caused all this in the first place so i dont want to format and have it all happen again.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:48 08 Dec 2005

Have you tried a repair install with the XP CD?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:48 08 Dec 2005

click here
How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

  ACOLYTE 13:54 08 Dec 2005

Will check this out and get back to you,thx.

  ACOLYTE 23:17 08 Dec 2005

Ok, tried this and i couldnt get it to work,when i tried to repair like it said it went through the motions and after it rebooted the pc wouldnt recognise te hdd as having an OS installed,so in the end i ended up reformating and installing afresh,i had to clear the cmos 2 more times just to get the pc to boot,and it still switches off at certain times for no reason like the power has been cut to the pc but its still switched on.
But i have got it running and apart from that it seems to be working ok.Now to find out why it keeps turning off.

  Mytob 00:43 09 Dec 2005

id try looking at you ram if it is rebooting. this is a common problem with it not being able to read from a memoy address finding no data and hanging because it cant work out what to do. try downloading and running memtest and see if it comes up with anything. if it is dodjy ram chuck that dimm and get a new one.

  lotvic 00:46 09 Dec 2005

Have you checked all your fans are working? It could be overheating.

  ACOLYTE 12:23 09 Dec 2005

I have checked the fans and all are running,im leaning towards a dodgy CPU even though it was new only 3 weeks ago it is recongnised by the mobo and pc but,the symtoms seem to fit whats happening.
The pc boots goes off then wont boot again but there is power there as the fans are running and the little light on the mobo that tells you the ram is working is lit.
But the red light for optical out on the 6.1 inbuilt sound card goes out,this would seem to me to mean that there is power to the mobo but the cpu isnt fowarding any signals,or only intermitently doing so.
Trouble is how can i prove the cpu is faulty to the shop i brought it from? as it works somtimes not others.

  ACOLYTE 23:35 09 Dec 2005

Right i am just typing this in the hope it is solved,i took another look at the cpu and i noticed that the heat compound was smeared all over the chip not just the main part,but on the little chips as well,i think it is this that caused the error with it the compound,i cleaned it all off and reseated and so far no problems.
But it was intermitent before,i could go days even weeks before it happens.
Would having the heat compound as it were all over the cpu not just the main part in the middle cause this?,this is a question i have ben asking myself.

  phono 23:51 09 Dec 2005

I may be talking absolute rubbish here but as thermal compound is good at conducting heat it would usually follow, but not always mind you, that it will also conduct electricity quite well, by having compound smeared on the "little chips", as you call them, you may have been getting short circuits on the CPU.

This is totally my own hair brained theory and is not based on any scientific knowledge that I have read somewhere, feel free to tear my theory apart or contact the nearest psychiatric department to come and take me away.

Having said all that, it may just be that reseating the CPU sorted out an intermittent connection between one or more of the CPU pins and the socket.

  User-312386 00:13 10 Dec 2005

The thermal compound should be a tiny blob in the middle of the CPU

If it has gone over the edge it could conduct on the pins and cause a short

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