Reallocated sectors count -538(raw value). Does hard-disk need to be replaced?

  NitishKumar 11:17 18 Apr 2015

I bought my hp pavillion-15 n204tx laptop an year ago. It was very fast and snappy when it was new but the performance started to gradually degrade since a few of months. I thought it must be because of some virus and temporary junk files. I did a fresh windows install but the problem persisted. While browsing throught various forums on internet i came across various softwares which displays and analyses the SMART data of the hard-disk drive. All of them unanimously deemed my hard-disk to be in bad health and showed the reason to be the 'Rellocated sectors count'. The raw value was 000000000538 and the normalised value was 92. Is the hard-disk the real problem? Does the hard-disk need to be replaced?

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