real time video rendering

  rsturbo 20:52 30 Mar 2005

i need to be able to render video editing in real time (have digital video camera). i know this is possible but don't know what i need. any pointers to a decent piece of hardware and recommendations for software would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance for any help

  JonnyTub 21:07 30 Mar 2005

How deep are your pockets?

I can personally recommend this product but it isn't cheap by any means and is best suited to businesses, real time encoding comes at a price click here your better off going for a fast software solution.

  rsturbo 21:13 30 Mar 2005

but very short arms!:)

probably max out at £400 but would prefer less if possible.

more suggestions? what about Pinnacle DV500 Plus??

  JonnyTub 21:20 30 Mar 2005

deep pockets and short arms are something i can relate to except when it comes to buying anything with a chip in it (not fried:-))

The pinnacle system is a damn good buy for the home user with many open options for editing and encoding, I do a lot of pro video editing through my website so i could personally justify the cost of the Canopus Raptor. So, if i were in your position (providing your not a pro) the dv500 would certainly be top of my list.

  rsturbo 21:26 30 Mar 2005

sounds like this is what i need to go for then.
any ideas where i can get one from?

  JonnyTub 21:46 30 Mar 2005

You might be hard pressed to get one new now, unless someone else can point you in the right direction?

  rsturbo 13:07 31 Mar 2005

whats next on the list within the price range i mentioned. would a fast pci express video card do a near real time rendering? again whatever you suggest - where do i buy from? thanks for help so far

  pj123 15:52 31 Mar 2005

As far as I am concerned Pinnacle wasn't very good. It always seems to have sound sync problems. I now have Sonic MyDVD and have no problems at all.

click here

  rsturbo 21:44 31 Mar 2005

looking for hardware to render in real time software should hopefully come with it?

thanks for input tho, maybe you can suggest good real time video editing system

  pj123 13:41 01 Apr 2005

This is the unit I have but it comes with Pinnacle Studio (which seems to have sync problems). Which is why I switched to Sonic MyDVD. It is an external USB unit with the added advantage that it also has a 4 in 1 card reader as well. Works a treat. I am using it to transfer my old Beta/VHS tapes at the moment. I haven't tried editing though so can't comment on that. It doesn't transfer in real time though, takes about 7 hours to transfer a 3 hour video tape. So maybe that isn't much good to you either. Have now bought a standalone DVD recorder plugged into the TV which does transfer in real time but can see no editing facilities on it.

click here

  Storik 16:58 01 Apr 2005

of the Canopus Raptor made my little pink piggy bank go quite green and shut its eyes.


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