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  bolo 17:53 11 Oct 2006

I may be PC simple and I don't claim to have expertise with operating system security, but how do you stop someone (My 19 year old son and pc whizz kid) from getting into my pc while im out. I have XP Pro and have set a admin user password, but that hasn't stopped him.

I booted using safe mode with networking today, and have found a whole new area which has been used to download music via utorrent, with folders, unknown programs the lot. Apart from the cheek My pc is used for business and I don't want this sort of stuff occuring on it.

How do I nail it down tight?

  Stuartli 17:56 11 Oct 2006

Whether it's your son or not, it's a serious invasion of your privacy and you should make it very, very clear to him what the circumstances will be if he continues.

Also tell him to buy his own PC...:-)

  Jackcoms 17:57 11 Oct 2006

Are you able to change your son's User Account from Administrator to Limited?

Alternatively, rather than nailing the PC down tight as you say, why not nail your son down tight (about 5 miles away from the PC)?

  g0nvs 17:58 11 Oct 2006

Give your son a good hiding, or tell him to buy his own PC.

  bolo 17:58 11 Oct 2006

Your right I was fuming, still am if i'm honest.

  bolo 18:03 11 Oct 2006

It looks like he just logged as an administrator in safe mode and created another account somehow.
In windows there is only one login name but in safe mode there is my account and administrator, did he get in this way? how do I prevent it from happening again?

  bolo 18:08 11 Oct 2006

I never gave him an account at all

  brundle 18:13 11 Oct 2006

apply a password to both accounts

  pj123 18:34 11 Oct 2006

Set a System Password in the BIOS. When the computer is switched on it will ask for the password before completing the POST. If you don't know it, it won't boot. Not infallible but at least to overcome this password you have to open the case and reset the BIOS jumpers or remove the battery for a few seconds.

  hijo 18:43 11 Oct 2006

HELLO "BOLO" firstly MOVE the pc to somewhere like the living room so you can see what hes doing on the pc,secondly just change your admin password as it sounds like hes found it out or maybe youve wrote it down or typed it on your pc & hes found it,so just change it if you get stuck theres millions of people on this forum that will help you..

  woodchip 18:49 11 Oct 2006

That's OK if he is in the house not much good if he goes out. Get a Laptop and a Safe. You can now by one just big enough for a Laptop. Or get a Removable Drive that goes in a Drive bay, Take that out when you leave the computer

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