Real Problems with my brand new Packard Bell

  Daviesp 14:41 24 Sep 2007

i bought my new packard bell desktop around a month ago and its just been a complete pain in the [email protected]@. i know the following problems may be a bit picky for some but if you buy a brand new computer you kinda expect it to do the things you want it to right? firstly after taking ages to install google earth i finally started it up but everytime i try to find somewhere, e.g out of intrest my house, it just crashes and freezes the whole computer and after half an hour of waiting patiently i have to turn my computer off at the plug, next as i am a civil engineering student i require the use of autocad but surprise surprise massive problems again, just freezes my whole computer (it worked fine on my 4 year old dell). i cant download the new flash player to watch videos online, i click download but nothing happens it just wizzes around looking like it is going to do something but it doesnt, i left it for 2 hours this morning!! and loads and loads of programs i try to install come up with compatibility errors, whats that all about? basically i just keep getting a real headache pretty much everytime i switch it on, it never runs smoothly and im just getting so annoyed with it, with final year looming (partly the reason of getting a new computer) i could do with something reliable. with the specs of my computer they should work fine i think, 1GB ram, 120Gb hd, pentium dual core processor. could anyone help me please, is it just packard bells are dodgy? thanks alot.

  Sparkly 14:48 24 Sep 2007

Hi Daviesp if your desktop is only a month old its not worth fiddleing with anything i would contact packard bell and inform them of the symtoms and see what they can advise you on it under warrenty and its not doing the job you bought it for.

  robbiepaul79 16:34 24 Sep 2007

Indeed i wouldnt even think about trying to sort it out yourself just take it back.

  Daviesp 14:13 25 Sep 2007

Thanks guys took it back this morning and got a refund :)

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