Real Player how to delete every song at once

  patsyanne 11:47 28 Jul 2005

Can i delete all the songs i have on real player all at once ? i have 1000 songs i dont want on there anymore but i want to keep real player i been trying to do it 10 at at time as thats all i seem to be able to do i just wondered if there is a option where i can just do them all at once .many thanks .

  Diemmess 11:59 28 Jul 2005

Use Search to find the folder where they (the songs)are stored.

Use My Computer to find and open the folder where the songs should be in a very long list.

If you want to clear the lot........ You can then use EDIT > Select all and Delete. Be careful you delete only songs if you do this.

A safer way is to click on the top of the list and holding down Shift, click far down on the list which should highlight all those between. Delete those, and do the same again with more until they are all gone!

  patsyanne 12:02 28 Jul 2005

Cheers Diemmess will going to the folder where the songs are and delete them, will that take take them off the hard disc as well ? which is what i want .thanks

  Diemmess 12:15 28 Jul 2005

Yes that's where they are saved at present.

My only concern not using real player myself, is I want you to be sure that anything you delete is recognisable as a song and not some part of the installation (of Real Player)itself.

  patsyanne 12:23 28 Jul 2005

Ok i just went and tried to do what you said doing a search for music and went to delete them all but wont do it ,i think some of the files are not music as you said so i just go back into Real player and delete them 10 by 10 its safer ,thanks for your help .

  Diemmess 15:01 28 Jul 2005

A passing thought.......... Quite often a wholesale delete fails because at least one file is in use.

You might try the second idea instead. First make sure that Real player is not running even in the background.......

Then open the songs folder and highlight the first song, then scroll down for more than 10 and hold Shift key down while clicking on the last of your larger selection.

With luck this will highlight far more than ten songs and deleting a block this size at one go will speed things up no end.

  patsyanne 15:11 28 Jul 2005

Thanks Diemmess i managed to delete them all by going into realplayer and using alt and getting about 20 at a time took a while but did it emptied that bin it goes in <i have called it dump > defragged so should be all clean now .

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