Real Player 10

  tommyturbo 14:39 06 Feb 2005


Just to start off I am a complete PC novice so..............

When I load a CD onto RP it says it is in MP3 format. Does it convert it automatically or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Also my car audio is a MP3 player so can I create a MP3 disk from Real Player.

Thanks for the help chaps.


  flecc 15:17 06 Feb 2005

I'm not sure what sort of CD you're loading from what you've said. Is it a music CD or a blank CDR for example?

As for MP3 recording, you can only do it at very poor quality on the free player, but by updating for around £10 you can then record at up to 320 kbps in MP3 for the highest quality. Go to Tools, CD, for the options, you'll be prompted to upgrade if you try to use an MP3 setting.

  tommyturbo 15:50 06 Feb 2005

Just a normal Music CD.

Will try the upgrade.


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