Real One Player Truncates MP3 File

  Pesala 19:55 23 May 2004

click here This file is 2 minutes 19 seconds long. It plays fine in Windows Media Player. If I open it in RealOne Player it truncates it to 2:08.

Why should it do this? I never noticed it happen on other files. I checked several, some much longer ones.

  stalion 19:58 23 May 2004

have you got the latest free version of real player.Regards

  Old Shep 20:48 23 May 2004

Played in Realpalyer in 2min and 6 sec's oh what lovely music.

  stalion 20:54 23 May 2004

well um er yes

  Old Shep 20:57 23 May 2004

I said that because I did not want to upset him - this is a friendly forum you know. lol

  stalion 20:59 23 May 2004

yes I know just not my cup of tea was meant to be funny.No offence meant Pesala

  Pesala 21:00 23 May 2004

Yes, it is lovely chanting, which makes it all the more annoying that it is truncated at 2:06 as you rightly say. It is the same for me. The track is 2:19. Try it in Windows media player or WinAmp.

My version is Real Player 2.0


MP3 plugin

  Pesala 21:03 23 May 2004

and in Mp3 DirectCut.

  stalion 21:04 23 May 2004

why not update to realplayer 10 it is free and does loads more click here

  Pesala 21:12 23 May 2004

I'm a bit suspicous of RealOne Player. One hears a lot of stories about spyware etc. I tried Real Alternative, but didn't like it much. I don't have much call for music or video - mostly MP3 talks or chanting. Is it really worth the hassle of downloading and installing the update? How long is this track in Real Player 10?

  stalion 21:59 23 May 2004

in rp10 it's 2.06 Regards

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