Real annoying real player

  jake williamson 10:43 29 Dec 2003

Grr. Thought I’d share this out here ‘cos it really got under my skin…

I booted up my trusty dell this morning and decided to check out the world and watch a bit of bbc news streamed in via real player. After getting my daily fix, I loaded up iTunes to listen to some music while I played around.

No sound. Not a bean. Not even a small casserole.

After around an hour of trying EVERYTHING (bar reinstalling xp) to try and sort the problem an alarm went off in the back of my head… I’d turned the volume down in the last news item I watched ‘cos I’d started iTunes playing but still wanted to watch the pictures.

So I launched real player and low - the volume setting was at zero. So I turned it up and exited. No sound. So I restarted and launched real player again. No sound.

The only way to fix it was to visit the bbc news site again, launch the news item I had been watching, adjust the volume and quit ie.

Now I can listen to my music. Thanks real for wasting my morning!

Hope this is of help out there,


  Sheila-214876 11:09 29 Dec 2003

I stopped using REAL anything a long time ago now. I use JetAudio free from click here it doesn't take over your PC and you don't get spam emails from them.

  jake williamson 11:14 29 Dec 2003

wicked, thanks ennuye - anything thats an alternative to real is worth a try in my book.

as an original mac user, i still have trouble looking at real with kind eye's...



  Chegs ® 11:24 29 Dec 2003

There is also Real Alternative,its basically Real Codecs for WMP.Available from here

click here

  petersmyth1 11:26 29 Dec 2003

Can I add to your piece on Real Player. This player is loaded with spyware and why anyone uses it whenever there are so many free downloadable, from the Net, ones available beats me. :)...Peter

  habs 11:30 29 Dec 2003

when i try to see a movies from real player, and when i try to move forward while seeing that movie, real player freezed, i can't do anything i have to switch it off.

Think again using real player.

  Sheila-214876 11:48 29 Dec 2003

When you have installed it, run it and go to Preferences/File/File Type Association click on Check All and then Update and then OK. Should now read all REAL type formats, audio and video.

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