Real Alternative for Playing AVI Files

  Pesala 22:29 04 Aug 2006

I was having problems playing AVI files with Real Player 10 so I uninstalled it.

Does Real Alternative play AVI files, or should I reinstall Real Player 10? I am using Windows ME. I also have Windows Media Player 9 installed.

  Pesala 22:33 04 Aug 2006

If I double-click on AVI files in Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player opens with a message Class not registered, but no help is available.

"You've encountered error message 80040154 while using Windows Media Player. Additional information is not currently available for this error."

  johnnyrocker 23:28 04 Aug 2006

vlc player click here


  Pesala 06:02 05 Aug 2006

How does that answer my question?

  octal 07:43 05 Aug 2006

It sounds likely you need the codec to play that video. There is some information on this site about it click here

  octal 07:49 05 Aug 2006

Also there is a lot of information here as well click here if it helps.

  Pesala 09:34 05 Aug 2006

Thanks for the help, but I'm still stuck.

First FFDSHOW wouldn't download from the linked page, nor from any of the mirror sites, so I Googled it and found this page: click here

Downloaded FFDSHOW OK but no idea what to do with it.

Downloaded GSpot and found out that the file I was unable to play used the DIVX codec. click here

Downloaded the DVIX codec from click here

Still no joy. Checked for updates and downloaded two more. Rebooted. Still unable to play the file.

GSpot now says that four suitable codecs are installed, but the file still won't play: click here

Only one good result was that another AVI file, which would previously play only at reduced size in a corner of Windows media player window, now plays at the full size of the window.

So I guess I am back to my original question. Should I reinstall Real Player, or will another media player such as Real Alternative play AVI files? Or will I merely run into the same problems again due to not having the right codec?

  octal 11:54 05 Aug 2006

I had a similar problem at work, I installed Jet Audio which seems to just about play anything. The other thought is have you considered the AVI file might be corrupt?

  Pesala 13:07 05 Aug 2006

I reinstalled Real Player, but I still get the same error. I am sure it is not a corrupt file. I downloaded it twice, and a much longer one (290 Mbytes) also exhibited the same problem. At 45 Mbytes it is a bit too big to download. click here

I found this 6 sec clip click here and it gives the same error.

I will take a look at Jet Audio.

  Pesala 13:22 05 Aug 2006

click here

No problems. It plays both of the files that I downloaded OK, Pity I deleted the big one, and I cannot find it again now. It was a documentary on the biased US reporting of the Middle East Crisis.

  dangerusone 15:10 05 Aug 2006

If you download the K-lite codec pack,it will allow you to play most avi/Divx movies.
You can get it from File Hippo.Bri

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