ExPara 17:18 03 Aug 2010

I am running my Desktop Computer with 64bit Windows 7, with 4GB RAM. I have an 8GB USB Stick, 4GB which I have allocated to ReadyBoost. Is there any way of seeing if the computer has access to the extra memory from the USB stick?

I also has a laptop with 32bit Windows Vista and 1GB of RAM. When I plug a USB stick (not the same one as above) in, it Auto plays but the options do not give me the option of using ReadyBoost. There is enough free memory on the USB Stick. What's the answer?

  northumbria61 17:28 03 Aug 2010

"Is there any way of seeing if the computer has access to the extra memory from the USB stick?"

In Computer right click on your allocated drive (USB Stick) and select Properties - the Readboost Tab

In answer toyour 2nd question - does that other USB stick have Readyboost facility ?

  northumbria61 17:29 03 Aug 2010

"the Readboost Tab" - should read - Then Readyboost Tab

  Thalmus 17:35 03 Aug 2010

There should be a swap file on the USB stick, which is probably hidden. To show hidden files open an explorer window and goto tools > options > view, select "show hidden files and folders" and untick the box that says "Hide protected operating system files". If you don't see a menu bar with tools press the alt key to show it.

For the vista problem, open "computer", right click your usb drive and select properties. In the window that opens you should see a tab for readyboost.

Although if you've got 4 GB of RAM I doubt you will see a noticeable improvement with ready boost. Toms Hardware guide done a good test of ready boost on vista when it was released, you can find it if you click here

  Batch 17:46 03 Aug 2010

FYI, as I understand it, USB pen drives should not be seen as a permanent soultion to adding memory as the pen drive memory is not designed for intensive reading and writing and will deteriorate much more rapidly than conventional on-board memory (main memory).

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