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  Fermat's Theorem 14:04 03 Nov 2007

Hi all.
My Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo P computer has only 2 memory slots with a maximum of 512 mb in each slot. I'm running Vista Home Premium and finding the gig of RAM adequate, but barely so.

I have tried to supplement the RAM by using the Ready-Boost feature in Vista, but the USB flash pens I use are too slow in read/write to support Ready-Boost.

I wonder does anyone know of one that does work? - I like the look of the 4 gig Gizmo! from Crucial click here . It says that it is Ready-Boost capable - does that mean it does fully support the feature, or is there a hidden caveat in there somewhere?

Thanks in advance :-)

  crosstrainer 14:23 03 Nov 2007

No, you need 2gb of ram to run Vista. The other devices attached are all mobo, memory depended.

Are you sure you can't upgrade your memory?

Try this for system analysis:

click here

And post back with the results.

  Totally-braindead 14:37 03 Nov 2007

Heres some more examples of Readyboost click here= to answer your question if it says it is Readyboost capable you should just have to connect it and set it up.

I've only used Readyboost a couple of times and what happens is Vista has opened a box saying it has detected a drive capable of use with Readyboost and asks if you want to use it for that.

Its all very well but rather than having to plug it in and remove it all the time it would be simpler to use internal memory, if possible.

  Fermat's Theorem 14:44 03 Nov 2007

Two slots - the manual said max of 512mb per slot, even though Windows Vista Home Premium was preinstalled. I downloaded and ran the Belarc Advisor as you suggested. What I think are the relevant results are pasted here:
Operating System System Model
Windows Vista Home Premium (build 6000) FUJITSU SIEMENS MS-7293VP 2.00
System Serial Number: YSDO087171
Chassis Serial Number: YSDO087171
Enclosure Type: Desktop
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
2.80 gigahertz Intel Pentium D
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: FUJITSU SIEMENS MS-7293VP 2.00
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD V2.2 01/23/2007
Drives Memory Modules c,d
235.38 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
146.24 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


Generic 2.0 Reader -CF USB Device [Hard drive] (8 MB) -- drive 1
Generic 2.0 Reader -MS USB Device [Hard drive] (123 MB) -- drive 4
Generic 2.0 Reader -SD USB Device [Hard drive] (8 MB) -- drive 3
Generic 2.0 Reader -SM USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2
Generic 2.0 Reader -xD USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 5
WDC WD2500JS-55NCB1 [Hard drive] (250.06 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WCANKC363139, rev 10.02E01, SMART Status: Healthy 1022 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'A0' has 512 MB
Slot 'A1' has 512 MB

  Fermat's Theorem 14:49 03 Nov 2007

I thank you for that link too. I would, obviously, much prefer to update my internal RAM if I could, but it seems my options are limited. I would have no problem in leaving the USB Flash memory permanently installed - I have a few others that I use for file transfer etc.

Once again, thank you for your input - this is my first time seeking advice from the forum even though I have have contributed my "tuppence worth" every so often :-)

  Batch 15:04 03 Nov 2007

I've not used it, but my understanding is that ReadyBoost is used as a substitute page file (i.e. in preference to the page file on your hard disk) rather than actually adding to your main memory.

  Fermat's Theorem 15:14 03 Nov 2007

Thank you for that. I agree, it would be a supplement rather than an addition to memory - but if I'm stuck with only one gig I think that using the supplement is better than not doing it.

The ReadyBoost feature was introduced in Vista - the problem I was alluding to is the fact that my existing USBs didn't support the feature, and I was wondering what ones might :-)

  Totally-braindead 15:20 03 Nov 2007

If it is the Scaleo P you have with 2 memory sockets click here and I would confirm this then what I would do is remove the first 512mb and replace it with a 1 gig one.

The reason I say that if it is the Scaleo P with 2 sockets is according to Crucial there is more than one Scaleo P.

I haven't tried leaving the Readyboost connected and am unsure if you have to set it up each time or not.

  pchelper001 16:09 03 Nov 2007

a good place where i bought my ready boost memory stick is, it was a sandisk 4gb and i let vista have the whole of it. It is was cheap to buy and a lot cheaper than buying ram.

  Fermat's Theorem 16:49 03 Nov 2007

Thanks for that.

Yes, you are right - there seems to be more than one Scaleo P - there are some versions of it with 4 slots. I had already scanned my machine with the Crucial scanner, and it said that my 2 slots were fully populated and they did not recommend any upgrade.

I was under the impression that my machine had 4 slots, but I am not willing to argue the toss with the supplier at this stage.

I am minded, as you suggest, to just buy a 1 gig module and see what happens when I replace a 512 one. Memory is not too dear nowadays, and I think it is worth trying out. Is there any possibility that I would damage the mobo by doing so?

  Fermat's Theorem 16:51 03 Nov 2007

I appreciate your input. Now I know that the Sandisk 4 gb actually works as a Ready Boost device in Vista. Thank you. :-)

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