ready boost

  iqs 12:02 21 Aug 2007

Hi,Will a ready boost compliant memory stick work with WIN XP media Ed SP2?,os is just for VISTA.
If it works with XP, will I notice a difference.I currently have 2gb of ram installed.


  iqs 22:57 21 Aug 2007

b.u.m.p :-(

  [email protected] 23:24 21 Aug 2007

click here
click here
first introduced for vista

you have alot of ram anyway,try freeram xp to see how much of it your using.
click here
There could be many other reasons that affect the performance,post back your free ram stats

  gudgulf 23:29 21 Aug 2007

"Will a ready boost compliant memory stick work with WIN XP media Ed SP2?"

Yes it will work as a USB flash drive.

No it will not work as a cache to boost your system performance in XP.......the ReadyBoost function is a feature of Vista only.

With 2GB of RAM I'm not sure if ReadyBoost gives much of an improvement in Vista either.........but since I have Vista,and 2GB of RAM.
,I intend to find that out by trying it.

Vista's Superfetch certainly helps....unlike the Prefetch employed in XP which does bugger all in real terms.

So sorry you can't use a memory stick to do the same thing in XP.

  iqs 20:54 22 Aug 2007

*THE RAVEN* and gudgulf.

Thank you for your help.I thought the device was VISTA only,but it was worth checking.

For some reason free ram will not install.After the usage box is ticked, and 'continue installation'is pressed,the program stops.Any ideas?.


  [email protected] 22:47 22 Aug 2007

if you dont want to bother with free ram pro,open up task manager,click the performance tab and look at the commit charge
explained click here
post back
commit charge (k)

  iqs 18:33 23 Aug 2007

Details follow

commit charge (k) 491M/3938M
total 502928
limit 4033408
peak 535680


  [email protected] 19:13 23 Aug 2007

Hi iqs,
you have loads spare,looking at the figures. (if im interpreting them correctly)
out of a combined physical and virtual memory 4gb your peak used since last reboot is approx 500 mb

Also in task manager will be the physical memory
i have 1GB and 700mb available.

check it again when you are doing something memory intensive that you havent done since the last reboot to review free ram.
hope that helps

  iqs 19:09 25 Aug 2007


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