Ready for another confusing scenario?!

  Fateful Shadow 14:35 02 Sep 2004

Some of you may remember the night I posted that thread on the microwave, cordless telephones, etc. just 'dying' all of a sudden...well, here's another one for you...

Recently, I've had 'voices' on my computer that sound when I click connect, just before the dial tone sounds. I tried unplugging all te other telephone lines around the house, and they were still there. Then, for some reason, I unplugged my USB Hub, and they stopped.

Anyway, I traced it back to, of all things, my printer (HP PSC1215). After unplugging the USB cable from the hub there were no voices, so I reconnected to cable and unplugged it from the mains, and there were no voices again.

Soooo, how on earth are these voices going through the mains, through the printer, through the hub and onto my PC just as I click the connect button?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I have no idea why I get stuck with all the strange things, but I swear that I am telling the truth and am confused!

Any ideas!!?!

  Ivor_Monkey 15:07 02 Sep 2004

Hearing voices from strange places is not unusal........I hear voices all the time...



  Fateful Shadow 15:10 02 Sep 2004

Hearing voices from your speakers when you connect online? When no one is using the phone? When all your other phone lines are unplugged???

I don't think a nurse can help Ivor_Monkey

  herc182 15:25 02 Sep 2004

are the voices like those you hear on the telephone sometimes when the line is quiet (say you are calling someone and the conversation stops, you can sometimes pick up other voices).

your printer doesnt fax so that is a bit of a dead end.....

really not sure mate....bloody surreal of you ask me

  Fateful Shadow 15:29 02 Sep 2004

herc182, yes they are exactly like that...but, and no I'm not insane, there was piano playing once, making me think it was more like radio instead of another phone line.

  Ivor_Monkey 15:40 02 Sep 2004

..I know you're still there, coz I can hear you.

Seriously, are there any babies living in your street? Baby alarm/transmitter devices send voices all over the place along the mains(?). You could be picking these voices up thru your mains.

  herc182 15:45 02 Sep 2004

a piano! well thats just twisted. cant imagine how you are picking up radio. baby monitors is a good point. have you tried plugging in the comp0uter into another mains switch???

  xania 15:46 02 Sep 2004

You caould also find that your USB cable is acting like an aerial. Now get yourself a cats-whisker and you've got yourself a 1960's crystal radio.

  end 23:51 02 Sep 2004

would you like to come and join my other patients:)

I am sure a bed can be readily arrranged for you in a nice warm room with....

and , seriously, could you quite literaly have some wires crosed somewhere or..?

and, remembering that "other" incident very well(!!)have you had your wiring checked thoroughly in the house : it is "funny" to read, but I am considering the serious implications of a perhaps minor "hiccough" in wiring ..

  feb 00:02 03 Sep 2004

Another Full Moon!!

  Audeal 00:16 03 Sep 2004

Coils of wire within your printer could be picking up radio waves from the air and passing them along you wiring and you speakers are transmitting them. It is not unknown for this to happen. I have often heard voices and music which have no apparent cause. I made up a Music CD for a friend and he complained of voices in the background. I had no answer for him and still don't.

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