reading word attachments

  moosep85 14:48 27 Nov 2005

Could someone please help me with a problem that i have, i am unable to read word attachments sent to me, my e-mail is outlook express, any suggestions would be appreciated

  Totally-braindead 14:51 27 Nov 2005

Do you actually have the Microsoft Word program on your computer? If not thats why you can't read it.

  VoG II 14:55 27 Nov 2005

Word viewer click here

  palinka 15:38 27 Nov 2005

As the earlier responents to this thread have said, if you want to read an attachment you need to have installed on YOUR computer the same software in which the attachment was written - so for Word you need Word, for Excel, excel, etc.
For both these Uncle Gates provides a "Reader/Viewer" FREE. See VoG™'s link above. Download and install . But you won't be able to write in Word with that, it's read-only.
Alternatively you could ask your friends to save any document that they intend attaching to their emails in Rich Text Format (RTF) which virtually any text software can read - though it may not look the same when you open it in whatever YOU use. ie decorative layout may be lost.

  Diemmess 16:07 27 Nov 2005

Put the other way around, using Word(2000) people who have bundled M$ Works, sometimes think that is the same. Their's is probably a version later than 2000 which I can then only open using the "Recover text from any file." and rebuild things from there.

- would have thought that M$ would have made Works and Word at least unstand one another in a simplified way.

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