Reading FAT 32 with Win2K

  Bargee 17:54 27 Jul 2005

Just experienced an odd situation.

I run 2 PC towers through a data switch for Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor & USB, so that I access the internet etc., on one (98SE) & do all the important stuff on t'other (Win2K). For extra safety, I have an external HDD for data storage, split into 1 FAT32 primary partition & 1NTFS logical partition.

Now, I thought it was impossible for Win2K to read a FAT 32 partition, however, recently I found myself unexpectedly able to read the FAT partition. Great I thought, this has advantages. Now, I can't seem to repeat the feat & it appears to have been a one off.


Am I wrong in thinking that Win2K can't read FAT32 or was this just an aberration?

If Win2k CAN read FAT 32, could the reason I can't read it with Win2K at the moment, have something to do with the FAT 32 partition being a primary one & if so can I have 2 logical partitions on the 1 drive?


  Diemmess 18:47 27 Jul 2005

Having no experience of NTFS there's not much I can help with except that I use W2000 smoothly every day. It was installed on a FAT 32 drive.

I used the old fashioned FDISK to make FAT 32 drives on 2 HDs The Primary partitions are active and other drives are logical DOS drives on the extended DOS partition.

(There is Win98 on C: but this has more to do with using HyperOS which is another story,) but I do not have trouble with reading/writing between any drive

  Bargee 19:38 27 Jul 2005

Thanks, Diemmess.

I still can't see, in light of your experience, why my Win2K can't read my FAT partition.

Maybe, I should see if PartitionMagic will allow me to make it a logical partition instead of primary. Maybe by making it logical, Win2K might read it as if it were a simple data vault or CD.

I seem to remember you & Hyper OS from some time ago. It's obviously still the "Bee's"!

  Bargee 08:07 28 Jul 2005

Thought I'd post the solution.

I originally resized the external HDD to gain maximum space with 2 equal sized partitions, eliminating a small unallocated partition.

Making the FAT32 partition logical would have made the disk bootable which I didn't want to risk, so I reduced the FAT32 partition by about 200Mb & re-created an unallocated partition. Bingo, Win2k now reads the FAT32 partition as desired.

  Diemmess 09:07 28 Jul 2005

Nice to have the logical solution!

You have a good memory, I am still using HyperOS. It is expensive for what it does, but it gave me a solution for what I needed at the time. I needed something better than 98SE for new software, I was a total beginner with W2000, and didn't want to "let go both ends,"

Can boot into either, but never use 98SE these days. The major advantage of staying with HyperOs is the ability to backup or restore the lot in less than 5 minutes, and to produce in double quick time another plain OS to experiment with, or scrap if it goes pear shaped!

May your setup go smoothly from now on.

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