reading an excel spreadsheet in Microsoft Works?

  imarcus2 08:23 17 Aug 2010

is there any format that I can save an Excel spreadsheet in that will enable the spreadsheet to be read by MicroSoft Works?

  BT 08:45 17 Aug 2010

You can import an Excel sheet in Works Spreadsheet

In Works click open in the file menu
In the Open dialog box choose 'All Files' in the File type box
Navigate to the Excel file you want to open and select it and click Open
You will get an Import window. Choose the one you want to open.

  Simsy 09:08 17 Aug 2010

You can only open 1 sheet at a time, so if your Excel workbook contains more than 1 sheet, you may want to restructure it so that is all on one sheet. (Typically Excel workbooks have 3 sheets by default... even if you only have info/data on shet 1 Works will still ask which sheet you want to open)

Also, I'm pretty sure that Works spreadsheet wont run any Excel Macros,

And I'm also pretty sure that it doesn't have as many built in functions.

Generally speaking the spreadsheet that comes with Open Office, (click here), makes a very good fist of opening Excel spreadsheets, (except macros), and I would reccomend this over Works if there is ANYTHING remotely complicated in the Excel file.

As usual, I'm open to correction... I haven't used Works for a while!!



  Taff™ 09:10 17 Aug 2010

Have you tried OpenOffice? click here

It is far better than Works and will open and save files in MS formats such as .doc and ,xls. It is even compatible with Office 2007 providing you have downloaded the official compatibility packs from Microsoft.

Once downloaded you just need to change the settings in Tools/Options: expand "Load/Save" and on the General Tab change the bottom two boxes appropriately to "spreadsheet" & "Excel 97/2000, XP" for example.

  imarcus2 10:13 17 Aug 2010

thanks for those responses - my problem being a network of e-mail colleagues to whom I am now sending a regularly updated spreadsheet [in excel of course] and one recipient on MSWorks complained that she couldn't open the .xls spreadsheet.

however, as of this morning's post, I have borrowed a copy of MSWorks and installed it. Concur with BT that it does open .xls, but only as single sheets/pages, so it's all basically a non problem! except that I shall have to interrogate, remotely, my troubled recipients set up with MSWorks to see why she can't open it.

But, hey, that's a different ball game. many thanks again for all your help -- problem solved.

  DieSse 17:43 17 Aug 2010

If they don't need to modify the spreadsheet, simply read it - send it as a pdf instead.

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