Reading error

  birdface 22:55 10 Oct 2006

Hi ,Have been having a bit of trouble on here to day,Things were just not right,Ran a2.Ewido,AVG,all I picked up was 45 cookies on a2,Nothing on any of the others,Ran Spyware doc that got rid of 25 of the cookies,While i was doing that a box poped up, do you realy want to delete Clean Up,Had not been near it,Closed computer, restarted in safe mode,Ran Ewido,Nothing there,A2 Nothing there,Spyware doc Acouple of adware problems, Same with softspy,2adware prolems,Then on to AVG It has come up with, Boot sector of Disc C Reading Error .Also Partition Table[MBA]Reading error,Anyone advise on how to repair reading errors, I should also say When in normal mode ,opened Spyware blaster, all the squares were unticked, Also on Advance widows CareV2 beta,over 2000 of the spyware squares were unticked,Sorry a bit long winded,I had downloaded Comodo Firewall about a fortnight ago,And maybe let something pass,Hope you have not all fallen asleep reading this .

  brundle 23:01 10 Oct 2006

Do you know the make/manufacturer of your hard-drive?
Check it out in BIOS, and download a suitable diagnostic; click here

  birdface 23:12 10 Oct 2006

Hi Brundle,Have never been in the BIOS,Could you explain how,I know you have to restart the computer, Then what,

  harry1888 23:33 10 Oct 2006

First screen after powering up should say set-up and the key to hit, usually F1 or ctrl. Look under storage and you'll get the detail. Careful in there, hit esc if you get stuck, then exit discarding changes.

Bit late, but whats the symptoms? Windows running slow or just the internet?

  birdface 23:44 10 Oct 2006

No things not working the way they should,Couple of reading errors1 in the boot sector Disc C,The other in partition table [MBA]

  birdface 23:47 10 Oct 2006

If I done a system resyore on it, would that sort the problem,Or would it just follow me.

  woodchip 23:48 10 Oct 2006

You need to repair the MBR with your XP cd in comp Start with it and go to Command promp type Fix /MBR press enter

  birdface 23:54 10 Oct 2006

Hi Don't have XP Disc,Never got 1 with computer.

  woodchip 23:56 10 Oct 2006

It may work with these boot discs from click here you need six discs after downloading boot file

  birdface 00:11 11 Oct 2006

Sorry woodchip, A bit to complicated for me,Bit of a novice,I have a windows XP Disc,But it has 6 different versions on it, And I cannot remember what 1 I used, What do you reacon , Not worth the risk,

  birdface 00:16 11 Oct 2006

I do have the originl OEM on the side of computer, And used that disc the last time i had to re-format,But that was about 3 years ago, And memory not to clever,

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