Reading emails

  Mollo 15:20 22 Sep 2008

Is it possible to read emails generated from a Vista (Windows email) on an XP (Outlook Express)or are they incompatible?

  Pine Man 15:27 22 Sep 2008

If you mean, can you read an email on your PC using Outlook Express, which has been sent to you from a PC using Windows Mail, the answer is yes.

The format for emails used by all POP compliant email programs is the same.

  Mollo 17:34 22 Sep 2008

Thanks for your quick response Pine Man.
Now can you tell me why some attachments (pictures) wont open?

  Pine Man 19:02 22 Sep 2008 to but haven't got a clue!

  Simsy 23:19 22 Sep 2008

in Outlook Express, see if you have images blocked;

Tools>Options>Security and UNtick the box next to "Block images and other external content in html mail"

That might be the reason.

good luck,



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