Reading Amstrad 3 inch floppy disks in a PC

  Taran 23:12 31 May 2003

The title of the thread says it all.

I was asked this evening about the possibility of connecting the 3 inch floppy disk drive from an Amstrad PCW 8256 to a desktop PC.

An old friend of mine has a lot of work still on 3 inch disks (mainly text documents) and he wants to be able to read them in a PC and eventually transfer the text into Word documents. I was quite astonished by several such points raised in the coversation.

Without dismantling my old PCW 8256 (I know, it confirms my total geek status that I admit to still owning one) which, incidentally, would also entail a trip into the dim and dusty reaches of the attic - not a journey I care to make if I can at all avoid it - I was wondering if any of you have ever at this and whether or not the venture was successful.

While you all cogitate in the matter, I'll have a hunt around on the web and see what I can find.

Thanks in advance for any input, and feel free to make fun at the fact that I admit to still owning such a dinosaur...

Best regards all


  SafeHaven 23:34 31 May 2003

As i remember when exsperimenting my brother and we could not get it to work some years ago I cant remember the reason.I know there are companys that do it still but not sure where or if you know anyone in the poilce force thay have the equipment.Another tip aswell floppys from old Amega nerver use them on you pc our old 386 got a parity b virus from them...the good old days lol

TC Pat

  monkeyshine 23:35 31 May 2003

I still have the same machine ifit is the dual drive one.

I'm sure there was a question about this very subject on here but it was ages ago.

  Taran 23:46 31 May 2003

Thanks to you both for your replies.

I should have added that I'm more than comfortable with the file conversions at software level, it's just the hardware itself since it has never really cropped up before that I might ever want or even need to dismantle an ancient machine and try and cobble the bits into a modern PC.

I'll probably just build up a sacrificial computer system from retired components and try fitting my 8256 drive to it. That way I shan't be too disappointed when it blows up...

If you hear a loud bang, you know what happened..


  SafeHaven 23:52 31 May 2003

Taran..that an old 8256 drive or your toad burning :P

  Pesala 00:01 01 Jun 2003

install a modem in your Amstrad and email the files to yourself? (~_~)

  DieSse 00:14 01 Jun 2003

click here

with pictures even

Google triumphs again!! ;-))

  Taran 00:18 01 Jun 2003

The expansion ports are not provided for a current spec modem. The machine has a mere 256k of memory and every modem I've seen for the past few years requires Windows or a Mac to run it on or in a very few cases, Linux.

If memory serves, I think my old Amstrad actually has what passed for a modem back then but its transfer rate was appalling, it wasn't meant for the web as we know it today (it was text back then and not the bells and whistles we have now) and my friend who wants to know about this estimates he has something like 120 or so disks which would be impractical for emailing.

I've resigned myself to either giving him the details of a data transfer house or building a testbed machine and stripping my old Amstrad out to do it for him.

We'll see.

I've yet to summon up the courage to venture into the attic...

  DieSse 00:20 01 Jun 2003

Or with a bit of lateral imagination - put a 3.5" on the Amstard !!

click here

or get someone to do it for you

click here

  Taran 00:23 01 Jun 2003

You're a star.

One virtual glass of your preferred tipple well and truly earned.

I hope to return the favour sometime (but with something a little more prosaic methinks).


  DieSse 00:26 01 Jun 2003

Look here -click here claims to have Locolink

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