Read Through Text First

  Bingalau 15:09 04 Mar 2003

I do not profess to be much good at writing English. But it upsets me to relize that people never bother to read what they have just typed, before sending it to this forum. It takes but a minute or two.
Also the use of abbreviations seems to be creeping in more and more. Surely we are not that hard up for time, that we cannot write the word out in full. If this were done people like me might be able to pick up even more tips from this forum than we do at present.
To all the contributers to the forum I would like to say THANKS for all the bits and odds and ends that I have gleaned from these epistles. It's cheaper than going to night school. I log on to this site at least twice a day for that purpose alone. Many thanks again...Bingalau..

  pj123 15:27 04 Mar 2003

It isn't that easy. I teach Literacy and Numeracy and I have a lot of pupils who are brilliant at the job they do but they can't write or spell. That doesn't mean they are useless. We can't all be good at everything.

  graham 15:29 04 Mar 2003

'relize'? :-)

  woodchip 15:32 04 Mar 2003

One hear can vouch for that

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:35 04 Mar 2003

Its all very well saying that, but most of the time you only read why you think you wrote. Give me someone elses work and I'll spot mistakes but my own work is always flawless!

As for abbreviations, its just the way the mind works I guess.

  Goldcroft 15:36 04 Mar 2003

pj123: some people are good at everything ... and they usually tell us so.

But a serious point, some contributors do sometimes forget that many of us are not techie experts and the plain language espoused by the PCA is overlooked.

  Goldcroft 15:39 04 Mar 2003

Sir Radfordin: you make a good point. I used to get six people to proof read/check the content of a newspaper I was responsible for. The sixth would always find some error/typo or whatever the previous five had not.

  pj123 15:56 04 Mar 2003

Good pickup. Even I didn't see that one. But I am so used to reading my pupil's reports that I take no notice of wrong words or spelling, as long as I can read and understand what they are saying does it matter?


  Bingalau 16:08 04 Mar 2003

"Oldies" like me think it matters a lot. But I agree that it is not essential to be expert to get a point across or to become proficient in any walk of life. But it helps if we can talk properly, after all reading and writing are all part of that. Have I spelt "proficient" correctly? ..

  Pesala 16:12 04 Mar 2003

Handed a report in dreadful English he wrote in the margin, "This is the kind of English, up with which, I will not put."

  woodchip 16:20 04 Mar 2003

The main point I think in spelling and Grammatik, is to make your self understood in the least amount of words. But I am a bad Speller that’s where Computers come in but they sometimes cannot understand my Spelling it's the confounded English Language I tend to spell as it sounds

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