READ RECEIPTS no longer being requested

  Onizuka 12:09 18 Mar 2013

I use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 for my Gmail accounts and exchange e-mails with a number of people, all of whom are quite happy to return the “READ” receipts.

Recently, however, some addressees have told me that they no longer receive the request for a receipt even though my e-mails have the box ticked for “Request a Read Receipt”.

Nobody has changed e-mail addresses, ISPs or anything else, so can anyone throw any light on this please.

  Woolwell 12:55 18 Mar 2013

Read this and in addition are these group or individual emails. I don't think that gmail permits read requests for group emails.

  Batch 18:07 18 Mar 2013

In the main, I would think that most people that are aware of read receipts would disable the sending of read receipts (any email application that supports read receipts will support the disabling of the sending of them).

  Onizuka 15:03 20 Mar 2013


By chance I came across the website to which you gave the link not long after I had posted my query and before I saw your response. The site certainly explains why I stopped receiving Delivery Receipts some years ago – something else we have to thank the spammers for! However, it doesn’t explain why some Requests for Read Receipts are no longer received when neither I, as the sender, nor the recipients have changed anything. The recipients remain quite happy to return Read Receipts as they always have done.

I have no idea whether or not Gmail permits Read Receipts for group e-mails but in my case that is not relevant. I send and receive all my e-mails through Outlook 2007 and the e-mails in question are sent to individuals. However, just to be sure I sent a group e-mail via Outlook 2007 from my Gmail account to different addresses. All the addressees received the Request for a Read Receipt, all ticked “Yes” and all the Receipts were received by me. I log directly into Gmail on the web only occasionally and solely to check what Gmail has put in the spam folder. Gmail has an excellent spam filter but now and again gets it wrong.


I’m not clear what your point is in relation to my post. My addressees have always been able to choose whether or not to return the Read Receipt. My query is to why they are no longer receiving the Request for Read Receipts.

I’ve never understood why some people object to sending a Read Receipt and I am curious to know why you think that most people would disable the sending of them.

  Woolwell 17:11 20 Mar 2013

Some people find that read receipts are intrusive. I do say no to some. If a reply is required then you will get one without having to send a read receipt.

  Onizuka 16:23 06 Apr 2013

I’m a little surprised that no one has responded to my original query as to the reason why the Requests for Read Receipts sent by Outlook 2007 are no longer being received by some people who have always had them previously. Surely someone must also have experienced this?

  Batch 17:57 07 Apr 2013

As I alluded to in my previous post, read receipts (and the requesting of them) is widely deprecated. As a consequence relatively few people ever come across the concept even. Maybe that explains why no one has responded......

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