read only photos on CD-RW

  Frizbe 17:47 15 Jun 2007

I have put photos on a CD-RW thinking that I would be able to delete any that I didn't want any more, but when I try to do this, I get a message saying that they are read only and cannot be deleted. Is it possible to be able to do this on a rewritable CD or DVD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 15 Jun 2007

How did you put them on the CD to use as a RW you need something lke INCD from nero, otherwise burning to a CD RW is like Burning to a normal CD.

Also be aware tha RW discs are not very reliable anyway and you disk may be come unreadable very quickly.

  FreMar 18:28 15 Jun 2007

I put them on via the printer card reader to hard drive then via Sonic Record Now program = NEC DVDRW 9(D:) I had no idea I needed a different burner software.

  Totally-braindead 18:46 15 Jun 2007

I strongly urge you not to use CDRW disks for long term storage. As has been mentioned they will fail. Considering a CDR costs just a few pence its not worth it. If you sort the photos out prior to burning them and then burn them onto a disk in multisession you can just keep adding till the disk is full. And thats a hell of an amount of photos we're talking about.
And if the photos are important to you burn 2 copies, it only takes a minute or so and that way if anything does happen to one of the disks you have a backup.
I keep 2 copies because of this. The photos are irreplaceable. I check the disks every couple of months, if one did fail for whatever reason I would immediatly make a second copy.
I have to agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\s assessment of why you cannot remove individual pics from the disk, the format used to burn the files will not allow that. Mind you I never really liked InCD anyway and much prefer using Nero as a normal burner and just add on to a multisession disk.

  SB23 19:10 15 Jun 2007

Totally agree with whats been said.
I used CD-RW for years, even kept supply coming in, if I ever saw them at a good price.
Last year however I lost over 500 photo's, of which none were backed up elsewhere, and boy did I kick myself!, and all because, for some reason, my new supply of CD-RW were unreadable,(after being burned too). I learned a valuable lesson that day, make 2 copies, and don't use CD-RW.

  MIke 19:55 15 Jun 2007

CD-R are also prone to failure. I've discovered by experience that discs I burn in multisession are less reliable than discs I've burned as a single session.

I therefore make a backup in a single session to CD-r (Taio Yuden) I use TY discs as they are reputed to be the most reliable available. (I've had failures with brands such as Verbatim, Sony, Memorex but my TY's seem OK so far)

I also have a hard drive in my PC which I use solely for photo storage, and back this up to an external hard drive.

Just for overkill I also send any important shots to online storage facilities provided by the likes of , and my BT digital Vault.

This way I have at least some chance of protecting my shots from loss.

Of course photographer's have always been plagued by the potential loss of their images over time, by deterioration of the negatives, or fungal growth on slides. It's just that digital losses can occur so much more quickly that has us worried!

  Totally-braindead 13:39 16 Jun 2007

MIke which is why I said keep 2 copies and check them every so often just in case. Photos are memories and in most cases are irreplaceable.

  FreMar 17:35 16 Jun 2007

Thanks for all the info', will now do as advised.
however, one other thing now worries me: are DVD R+/R- as unreliable?,as I have give out many of these to friends of their childrens weddings and christenings etc. I do have 'master copies' of these though. I only use DVD-RW for editing prior to burning onto DVD-R.

  FreMar 17:39 16 Jun 2007

Re;above, I should add that I use the DVD's for vidio, (editing,and giving out)

  Totally-braindead 17:50 16 Jun 2007

+R and -R are more reliable than their RW equivalents but they can fail. Its a fact of life and theres no guarantees which is the main reason I suggest 2 copies.
Personally I have not had a disk fail but have seen posts from people on this Forum who have had this problem.
As an example. If the disk doesn't fail due to the chemical makeup on the disk becomming mucked up all CDs and DVDs and more so the writeable ones are damaged by direct sunlight, so keep them in a case. Heat also can damage them so again don't leave them in sunlight or near a heat source. Scratching can also be a problem.
Some suggest backing them up onto a hard drive and that is sensible as well BUT to rely purely on a hard drive to backup things like photos seems to me to be rather foolish as hard drives can fail too.
So to be safe have at least 2 copies and check them regularly.
If they are desperatly important them storing them on the web as suggested by MIke is an option but should not be your only option, you don't want to put all your eggs in the same basket.
Keep more than one backup, the odds of all of them failing at exactly the same time is astronomical.

  Totally-braindead 17:52 16 Jun 2007

If you have backups of your video work on DVD I would check them all, make sure they are ok and burn a second copy to be safe and check them every couple of months - to be safe.

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