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  Electronic_Eric 23:57 20 Mar 2008


How can i create a read only pdf document using adobe acrobat?


  DieSse 00:16 21 Mar 2008

PDFs are read-only to most people, who don't have the full Acrobat package. The only trouble is it's not indredibly difficult to circumvent anyway.

If you have Acrobat (and I presume you don't mean just the reader, which can't create files at all) - then I would have thought the Help files would be pretty good.

What is it you need to protect - there may be better answers if we know exactly what you want to do.

  DieSse 00:18 21 Mar 2008

If you don't have the full version of Acrobat, then the free Primo pdf creator is pretty good - I use it all the time - and also has some protection capabilities.

click here

  Electronic_Eric 19:47 21 Mar 2008

That's interesting. I never knew that things were read only if you didn't have the full version. I wondered how people were able to protect the documents.

  DieSse 23:42 21 Mar 2008

"I never knew that things were read only if you didn't have the full version."

I'm not clear what you're trying to get out.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which anyone can download, is just that - a reader only.

The (costly) Adobe Acrobat that allows you to create Acrobat documents, does (obviously) writing as well as reading.

So for most people who only have the Reader - they cannot write PDF documents unless they have some additional software. In that sense PDF files are "read-only". You can't open and change them like you can a normal Word document (say).

PDF documents can, however, be modified by a variety of techniques without using the full Acrobat package.

As a totally separate issue, PDF documents can be protected when they are created - however even then they can still be modified by those who put some effort into it. There is no totally secure everyday document format.

  Electronic_Eric 15:32 23 Mar 2008

Ive never tried to create a PDF before. Ive only used Acrobat reader to look at data sheets. So i just assumed you could create a PDF with the bog standard Acrobat reader and i was just missing something when wanting to protect it.

I'm trying to find out how to protect a PDF document for my mother. She wants to create a PDF where the person that reads it cant alter it. She downloaded a program called PDF Complete special edition. But its only got a 30 day trial. She claims that this program offers protection with a password. Although i haven't seen it myself. So i thought that a document could be created by the bog standard Acrobat reader.
So it appears like i was wrong. May you recommend a program that creates PDF's that is free.


  DieSse 16:00 23 Mar 2008

Yes - the one a couple of posts up - Primo.

  Electronic_Eric 17:55 23 Mar 2008

Oh yes, Cheers. It looks like exactly what im after.

  Electronic_Eric 19:24 23 Mar 2008

I tried that PrimoPDF but for some reason it wont create the PDF. :S It comes up with the little window after you've clicked OK on the print screen. I can change all the settings, so that part is working. I tried restarting the computer but still nothing. Do you have a clue whats wrong?

As a tester i tried to create the PDF from word with a variation of settings. I'm running it on Vista home.

  DieSse 19:53 23 Mar 2008

Are you sure it hasn't created the pdf?

In the window for settings etc, there's also a location where the pdf is saved to - you can alter it if you like. The saved pdf is in that location - if you don't change it each time, all pdfs are saved to the same location, which is convenient, as you know where to look for them.

  Electronic_Eric 20:09 23 Mar 2008

Positive. I believe this is a common error with Vista users from what Ive found.
The solution they have recommended is to turn off User Account Control in the control panel. I did this but now it doesn't do any of the alterations to the settings. Ie. It doesn't change the file name, doesn't stop people printing or altering the file or anything :S hmmmm....

Any ideas?

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