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  DuggieMike 05:47 22 May 2009

My PC runs on Windows Home XP sp2. I have a Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-116, CD ROM drive connected and use Nero, I think v.6, as my burner. My problem is that when I burn files or folders using Nero they result in copies with "read only" attributes so that, even using RW discs, I cannot change or delete them. Is there any method for ensuring that my burnt files do not have the "read only" attribute?

John Dugdale

  mgmcc 07:58 22 May 2009

CDs are essentially a "read only" storage medium, even though it is possible to "add" files and, in the case of CD-RW disks, wipe and reuse them. Therefore, all files on CD will have the "read only" attribute set.

CDs can only be used as a "giant floppy disk" by formatting them and using packet-writing software, such as Ahead's (Nero's) "InCD".

  Pineman100 09:38 22 May 2009

Just to add a note to what mgmcc has said: you can remove the read-only attribute from a CD file by copying the file back on to your hard drive.

Then find the file in Windows Exporer and right-click on it. Click Properties, then the General tab. Uncheck the Read-only box, then click Apply>OK.

  DuggieMike 01:31 24 May 2009

Thanks, MGMCC and PINEMAN100. I've looked at reports on INCD in Google and most have frightened me off installing it because if seems to have given lots of trouble to users. Also, copying files from CD disc back to the hard drive certainly removes the read-only attribute from them, but as far as I can see this is only using a backup mechanism unnecessarily as long as the files are still on the hard disk in their original places. Another problem I have with my original question is that now I can find no method in properties drop-downs from the CD icon in "My Computer" or otherwise for re-formatting my RW discs. In this casem how may I re-format
my RW discs, please?

  mgmcc 12:23 24 May 2009

There should be an option in Nero to "erase" CD-RW disks.

Otherwise, open "My Computer", right click your CD/DVD RW drive, select Properties and then the Recording tab. Tick the box "Enable CD recording on this drive.

Insert a CD-RW disk, right click the drive and select the option "Erase this CD-RW". The same option is also available in the File menu, provided a CD-RW disk is loaded.

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