Read this first if you feel like insulting someone

  Forum Editor 09:13 09 Oct 2004

As most of you will know, we don't tolerate personally abusive comments in our forum. It's OK to disagree - that's the way that discussions or debates work - and even to disagree strongly, but when it comes to making offensive remarks of a personal nature we draw the line.

There's been a slight increase in the number of posts that have crossed that line recently, and I've been receiving a lot of mail from forum members expressing concern that it's indicative of a trend. Let me reassure those people that there's no such trend - any post that contains personally insulting comments aimed at an individual, or a group of people will be deleted, and in most cases a warning will be sent to the culprit. I can't always send warnings - on the odd occasion I'm simply too busy - but I'll try. If the post is particularly offensive, or if the person doing the posting has been warned on a previous occasion I'll disable that person's forum membership without any further warning.

We're talking about a very small number of people here - the vast majority of forum members behave impeccably - but it only takes a few fools to turn the atmosphere sour, and I'm not about to let that happen. We all know what is, or isn't a personally abusive comment, and I'm not going to define it here. Suffice it to say that it's fairly easy to recognise the difference between a robust response in a debate, and a comment that's deliberately calculated to offend. Nobody will be banned without a chance to put their case - I'm always contactable by email ([email protected]), and on many occasions I've lifted a ban when presented with an apology and/or a rationale for the transgression.

Forums like this must have rules, and our rules are based on commonsense. Let's try to maintain an atmosphere in which anyone may feel comfortable.

  MichelleC 09:43 09 Oct 2004

Well said, and bump.

  Hamish 09:50 09 Oct 2004

Fully agree

  Nipsen 2 10:05 09 Oct 2004

Again well said F.E. Let,s hope that these people realise that we are not all experts, but at the same time are trying help some people who are less experienced than others. If I remember rightly (memory problems, 65 yrs old) "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" Cheers Nipsen 2.

  Forum Editor 12:30 09 Oct 2004


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 09 Oct 2004

Agree whole heartedly!

  The Spires 13:05 09 Oct 2004


  g0slp 13:30 09 Oct 2004

Well said, FE.

Regards to all.


  holly polly 13:36 09 Oct 2004

And so say all of us!!!!!-Hol Pol...

  Noelg23 13:42 09 Oct 2004

well well well...who has been misbehaving I wonder...time we got some order in this forum...good job the F E is on the ball..its true some people can take things too the people we're here to help each other...

  Noelg23 13:45 09 Oct 2004

thats meant to say in the end we're here to help each other ;)

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