Read errors while installing XP Pro with SP2

  Hugg6ear 15:24 31 Jan 2006

I am have problems installing a new copy of XP Pro with SP2. Infact I have 4 copies and all are the same. During the install I get a msg that: "setup was unable to verify drive C. It may be not enough memory to examine the drive or the cd may contain corrupt files." If I continue it can't read some files -
I have 1 gig memory. As I said it is the same with the other cd's which Microsoft have replaced and I still have the problem. I also have older XP Pro cd's and these install completely with no problems. I can copy the new cd's to my HDD.
I have been running this pc for 30mths.

Microsoft are baffled can anybody think what may be happening here?

  SANTOS7 15:34 31 Jan 2006

Whats the diference between a new XP Pro CD and an old one, if you have one that works use that,
i am baffled as to why you have so many, and how a new CD can have corrupt files...

  SANTOS7 15:37 31 Jan 2006

click here
the link will help with the error message.
did microsoft actually send you new copies after telling them the one's you have did not work

  Gongoozler 15:48 31 Jan 2006

Hi Hugg6ear. I think you've eliminated the Cds and CD drives as possible causes, which really only leaves the motherboard and hard drive. I've had problems installing Windows XP OEM on an old Time computer because the BIOS was expecting only the Time version of Windows. other than that, all I can suggest is that there may be a problem with the hard drive or memory that only comes to light with this version of Windows, so I suggest swapping the memory sticks around to see if that makes any difference, and trying a different hard drive, if you can beg or borrow one, you only need 3G or so to prove a point.

  SANTOS7 15:52 31 Jan 2006

I also have older XP Pro cd's and these install completely with no problems. I can copy the new cd's to my HDD.
If there was a HDD or memory problem this statement would not be true, puzzled....

  Gongoozler 16:04 31 Jan 2006

I agree that it doesn't make sense, but you've tried all the things that do make sense so what else is there to try? SP2 adds a few changes that make thing behave differently so all that you can do is try any possibilities even if they don't appear logical.

  Flying Teddy 16:24 31 Jan 2006 could install XP Pro (which you say install correctly), then download SP2 from Microsoft click here

I know I did...

  SANTOS7 16:28 31 Jan 2006

We need some updated info guy's as the error message
and the information given are somewhat baffleing.....

  Hugg6ear 16:40 31 Jan 2006

Thanks for the replies. I have several XP Pro CD's because I support family and friends pc's, as such they are registered to their pc's.

I have swapped my memory around. I have 2 sata maxtor hdd and have changed them around and only have one of them connected now.

The XP cd's that work are either early release or SP1 level. The ones that do not work are the latest with SP2 level.

Why can I copy them on my hdd but can't read them to install them? Are the files compacted?

  Gongoozler 16:45 31 Jan 2006

Yes the files are compacted, mostly as .cab files

  SANTOS7 16:48 31 Jan 2006

click here
click here
the two links are from the first link i posted and relate to the error message you get re, memory,
it may well be a problem with your optical drive.....

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