Read Access 2000 files in Access 2002

  bpzoom 19:56 06 Apr 2004

I use Access 2000 with Office 2000 and Win XP, no problems. I keep the local parish members database on my machine, and kept a copy on the PC belonging to my parish priest. He lost his system and recommenced with a new HD and in place of his old Office 2000 he installed Office XP, which contains Access 2002. When I was invited to restore the (Access 2000) version of the database from my PC to his machine, it refused to be converted with various Access 2002 messages indicating conversion was not possible due to errors. The error log made no sense. I downloaded th Microsoft help pages on this subject but they are not helpful. Does anyone have any advice on why there should be a problem of conversion, and how I can get around it. Sorry to be imprecise, but I cannot recall the precise error messages on the other Access 2002 machine.

  Jarvo 20:20 06 Apr 2004

Acccess 2002/2003 should defalt to access 2000 format by defalt, you should not need to convert your DB. There is no need to use Access 2002 settings unles you are using a very big DB, I cant remember how to change settings just now but will be back soon unles vog beets me to it.


  Jarvo 20:30 06 Apr 2004

open a new blank DB in access then click on TOOLS_OPTIONS and then click on the ADVANCED tab you will then have the option to alter the defalt file type. if this dose not work try a clean copy of the DB and if this fails try re instaling access.


  bpzoom 22:11 06 Apr 2004

Sorry if I am being thick here. Do you mean open a new blank database file in his Access 2002, then Tools, Options, advanced then take the option to default to 2000 file type? How do you then get the 2000 database off the CD on to his system? Thanks for helping me. The database is 620kb

  Jarvo 22:40 06 Apr 2004

you need to have a database open to select options and is probably better to do it with a blank one than one with data in. another thought also when you copy db from the cd are you changing properties from read only to arcive(right click db on hard drive) if your db is read only as it would be on a cd it would not convert and would produce errors, if this is the case leave your db in 2000 format as this is the recomended format for db at your size 2002/3 format was introduced because access 2000 falls over at about 1000000 records and 2002/3 is suposed to fix this


  bpzoom 23:24 06 Apr 2004

Many thanks again for your assistance, I understand (I hope), also for mentioning the read only aspect. I will have another bash when I can get at his system again. Greatly appreciated, Brian

  Sir Radfordin 23:39 06 Apr 2004

As pointed out there should be no need to change from 2000 format to 2002 format, and indeed Access 2002 default to 2000 format.

Have just re-read the thread and realised what I was going to say has been said...but I'll say it anyway.

When you copy the database from a CDR to the HD make sure you change it from being Read Only otherwise Access will complain.

If none of that works then post back with a full error message.

  woodchip 23:42 06 Apr 2004

Typical MS software

  woodchip 23:44 06 Apr 2004

PS have you tried resaving the files as ASCI format then try opening on new comp

  bpzoom 00:25 07 Apr 2004

OK, thanks to you also. I may get at his system by Thursday, and will report back if it fails to work.

  bpzoom 17:32 07 Apr 2004

Jarvo and Sir Radfordin thanks again. I visited the presbytery today and carried out what you advised. It worked fine so I can now get at his database whenever I need to. What a great site this is, thanks to folk like yourselves.

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