Re winRAR..

  ROYWIDD 00:48 08 Jan 2004

Hi people,i'm trying to open files that are in .rar format,ive installed winrar,but there are so many options in there,can anyone please explain in simple language how i can first extract files and progs,then get them to open?

  beeuuem 01:21 08 Jan 2004

The simplest way is to click on the Wizard icon. This will open and all you need to do is follow the guides to unpack the files to a folder.

  ROYWIDD 02:33 08 Jan 2004

hi beeuuem,ive tried that,and got so far,then a dialog box opens telling me i need to insert a disc with the required volume?any ideas please?

  matthew-293741 07:26 08 Jan 2004

roy...what are you trying to do?...extract video files or games? need to right click the FIRST .rar....i.e .rar001 (or the first one in the list when you open the file...then use "extract to here" that means whatever is extracted gets put in the samew folder as the rar file...then if you are copying to disc etc use the file you have just extracted. TIP...if you have more than one .rar file for a movie lets say, you just need to extract the very first one, this automatically extracts all the other .rar in that folder.,

  ROYWIDD 16:07 08 Jan 2004

thanks lucco,i'll try that,and i'm trying to extract games and applications

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