Re: Why do we bother

  Bun 13:46 08 Feb 2003

To all the helpers on the forum. You bother because you are nice people. I am not technical and from time to time have benefited from your help. I do try to add a tick to the thread if your replies have been successful which they invariably are. I must admit I never know the protocol on various forums for thanking people some encourage it some do not. Although you may not receive personal thanks you can be sure that all posts to a problem are very gratefully received, I believe by all. So don't give up on us dummies we LOVE YOU ALL.

  woodchip 13:49 08 Feb 2003


  JAR JAR BLINK'S 14:13 08 Feb 2003

I'll second that,a thousand times Bun,these people are really great.I recommend this site to everyone i know,also,i have a subscripion for "computer active"but even better,i alway's buy "pc advisor"as soon as it hits the shops.Great site--great people--great mag.JAR JAR.

  Peter 15:01 08 Feb 2003


It's not that we all want everyone to say thanks, although that's quite nice, but the feedback helps those who have provided the advice to know if it was understood/valid and helps guide others to a working solution.


  pj123 15:51 08 Feb 2003

Hi, it was my thread. It doesn't bother me whether I get any thanks or not. It would just be nice to know which solution that was given solved the problem, because if it comes up again we then know how to solve it. I can assure you I won't stop bothering, otherwise why am I still on here?

there are many ways to solve problems, which is why so many solutions are offered. One has to pick the solution they think they are capable of doing. I always try all the solutions i am offered if I have a problem, and I do have a few, just look back through my threads. all of them I am pleased to say have been successfuly solved and I always post which answer solved the problem and then tick as resolved.

Thank you for your comment.


  Bun 16:14 08 Feb 2003

Good point about which particular suggestion worked and to name it before ticking resolved.
Cheers Pete.

  Rayuk 16:45 08 Feb 2003

recommend you get your PCAdvisor on subscription cheaper and you get it earlier than the shops.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 19:47 08 Feb 2003

Rayuk,yeah, your right there mate.jar.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 19:48 08 Feb 2003

Rayuk,yeah, your right there mate.jar.

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