Re-using XP Pro

  pegangray 17:02 21 Oct 2008

I have a legal copy of XP Pro that i used as a program within Vista but found that the benefits were not as great as i hoped. I now want to use this version of XP Pro in a computer that i am building will I be able to do this? or will the fact that I have used it before stop me doing this?

Any ideas on how to use this program again?

  PO79 17:14 21 Oct 2008

If it's a retail version, no problem. If it's OEM then strictly speaking it dies with the machine it came with, although you might be able to do it as you are building a new machine.

  pegangray 17:19 21 Oct 2008

So it dies with the machine even if it was only a virtual one? It seems like an expensive test I have carried out! I will try it out on the new computer and hope for the best.

  iqs 18:02 21 Oct 2008

I still have and use a copy of XP(pre service pack) which I still use that was included with my first PC I bought way back in 2001,it was a Medion.

The disc states it a recovery disc,but it installs first time every time.

I will still continue to use on my second self built PC.I bought the Medion PC with the OS,so its legally mine to use again and again.

I have since slip streamed it with SP2,but it still does the job.

  iqs 19:05 21 Oct 2008

I know what the EULA says,but surely If I purchased the PC and OS I'm free to re-install the OS on PC's I own or built.The OS has not been sold on,or installed on PC's not owned by me....

  DieSse 19:15 21 Oct 2008

" its legally mine to use again and again."

Well the licence that you agreed to says it isn't.

I bought a retail copy of XP, at a much higher price, specifically so that I can transfer it from one machine to another.

Whatever we might both think privately about the was MS licenses its' products, you agreed to a set of terms and are now cheating on your agreement.

  iqs 19:15 21 Oct 2008

When I bought the PC is was advertised with a Retail version of XP,not OEM..So was i mislead ??

My second and third PC did come with OEM versions,this were not used on any other PC.

When I purchased my forth PC(Evesham) last March,It was supplied/sold with a retail ver of XP Media Edition.
But the disc states Recovery disc like the Medion disc.

So with reference to the Evesham disc,is this a OEM or retail????


  DieSse 22:44 21 Oct 2008

"So with reference to the Evesham disc,is this a OEM or retail????"

It cannot be retail, as a retail version comes as an XP CD in a set of MS packaging with the Product Key attached to the folder.

OEM versions, whether with an OEM XP CD or anything else (or nothing other than a recovery procedure) have the Product Key on a holographic label attached to the system case.

I cannot see that a recovery CD can ever be a retail version.

If you do have a real XP CD yhat came in a folder with the Product Key attached to the folder, then you do have a retail version.

The different ways of attaching the label are the giveaway

- if it's on the case (or meant to be on the case) it's OEM and belongs to the system.

- if it's on a folder it's retail, and doesn't belong to a specific system (though it's still only allowed to be on one system at a time.)

  jbaker65 08:54 22 Oct 2008

Even a retail version should only be used on ONE computer at a time.

  pegangray 09:03 22 Oct 2008

To get back to my question which is basically Does using a copy of XP Pro on a virtual computer in Vista stop it being used again on a real one?

  pegangray 09:05 22 Oct 2008

Oh yes and it is an OEM copy of XP Pro

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