re-using hardrives

  User-607600DE-6B22-4475-8CD565A723204C45 22:21 25 Sep 2006

i have an old hardrive that i want to use on an old pc for testing settings and generally fool around with for educational purposes.
it originally was a drive with windows me preinstalled by packard bell.
i have used various dos type applications to completely wipe the drive but it still shows 10gb missing (i presume the operating system analysis shows it being 40 gb but only allows 32gb to be wiped or formatted)
i want to totally re-install windows and have a full version of windows 98 but this doesnt want to install because it says its for a system with no operating system and wont install or hangs mid way.
i have checked all my hardware and mobo all are ok i can only think its the hd affecting the install.
how do i totally wipe it?

  terryf 22:24 25 Sep 2006

Has your win98 floppy got a format command on it, if so boot up from that and format the hd

  ed-0 22:28 25 Sep 2006

First check that it has not got a 32Gb limitation jumper.

Use kill disk free version click here to format.

i actually did use the kill disk previously.
i am sur the partition is protected some how but i could be wrong?
i'm not sure about the jumper.
i presume you mean the master slave etc which i believe is on master cant remember what the 3 setting is i'll investigate.

  ed-0 22:40 25 Sep 2006

post the make and model number. It maybe possible to find the settings on the web.

  ed-0 22:44 25 Sep 2006

Thing is, if you have recovery partition, it shouldn't be as large as 5.5Gb. Not if it's just ME and a few drivers.

its a maxtor d740x-6l
it has a 3rd jumper setting which says cable select (default setting) could this be the answer?

getting late now any responses will get read tomorrow thanks for all existing help!

went to the maxtor site and they have some tools for preparation i will try these tomorrow thanks to all!!!

  ed-0 22:58 25 Sep 2006

If you have the jumper on the second set of vertical pins, thats cable select.

If you have 2 jumpers. One on the second vertical and one on the fourth vertical set of pins. That is cable select with limitation jumper attached.

  DieSse 00:19 26 Sep 2006

PowerMax click here
will do a "low level format" on the drive, remove any and all partitions and return the drive to "as it left the factory" conditions.

Note - it's not truly a low level format, but it does wipe absolutely everything from the drive.


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