re truecrypt

  greyballs 13:02 30 Dec 2008

i also downloaded truecrypt of a disc from Witch magazine and not to happy either as this post is sent from my new laptop that i had to buy.
the prog just seemed to wipe my machine so if any one has any ideas for my old acer laptop to get it going again that would be great
errors include win app error 0xc0000017

paging file to small to complete

acrobat failed to load its core dll

error loading tcp mb libary etc etc

  canarieslover 13:41 30 Dec 2008

I think there is a probability that you have misunderstood what you were supposed to do and have possibly encrypted your C: drive. You can try pressing F8 as the computer is booting up so that you can get into Safe Mode. You might be able to undo the damage from there by doing a System Recovery to a date previous to installing Truecrypt. If you can't get into Safe Mode then you will have to do a repair from the disks that came with the computer or from a Recovery partition on your hard drive.

  greyballs 14:09 30 Dec 2008

misunderstood i will agree with that
i will try f8 but unfortunatly the machine was preloaded so i dont have a disk thanks for your reply i will let you know how i get on

  greyballs 12:38 31 Dec 2008

what a result thank you for that my acer is now back to normal .perhaps its not just me who dosn't read and fully understand before downloading anything .i would urge anyone to measure twice and cut once. thanks again canarieslover

  canarieslover 13:15 31 Dec 2008

Glad it turned out alright.

  gavinhodges00 06:51 02 Jan 2009

Hi greyballs,

I am also going to use truecrypt can you tell me what mistake you did , so i will be careful for that mitake.

  greyballs 15:01 02 Jan 2009

hi gavin
simple i did not fully or even at all understand the prog,i thought it would be a simple icon to click on when i wanted to encrypt a file.cant tell you any more events just took over and left me stranded .the only advice is to fully digest the destructions (sorry instructions)and if you are not confident dont do it but good luck anyway
perhaps there are other progs that are easier to use ?

  canarieslover 15:13 02 Jan 2009

Just make certain you fully read and understand the instructions before you try to create the file that will eventually hold your encrypted files. This will then be used exactly the same as a seperate hard drive on your computer and any files you save to it or retrieve will be encrypted/decrypted on the fly. There is a beginners tutorial on their website. The other thing to do is to set a restore point before you install Truecrypt so that you can then go back via System Restore if things do go wrong.
click here

  gavinhodges00 06:45 05 Jan 2009

Thanks canarieslover for your information, as you provided me link for truecrypt beginner's tutorial , i had already visited that link and i was not able understand any thing, can you tell me how to create restore point in truecrypt.

  canarieslover 10:03 05 Jan 2009

You don't create a Restore Point in Truecrypt, you create it in Windows. Click - Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore. Click on Create a Restore Point - Next - Give it a name. If things go wrong with Truecrypt you can start Windows in Safe Mode (F8 when starting up computer) and then go through the same sequence but click on 'Restore my computer to an earlier time'. This will give you the opportunity to restore it to the point you created previously.

  gavinhodges00 09:40 06 Jan 2009

Thanks canarieslover

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