Re-Sizing for e-mail with Elements - Help!

  six-h 15:21 04 Jan 2009

I've just re-sized some photos in PSE 5 using "Image>Re-Size>Image size"
Reducing the Height and width (which are linked), to 30 percent.

This results in a file of exactly the same size, 376KB as the original, but a much smaller image.

Since I primarily want to reduce the file size, what am I doing wrong??

  Fingees 15:30 04 Jan 2009

Make sure the image is set to be JPG

  six-h 15:39 04 Jan 2009

yes it is.
The funny thing is that if I right click the files, and select "Properties", Details for both are the same except that the original, (Larger image)shows Horizontal and vertical res. of 300dpi
Whilst the "Details" for the smaller image shows the horizontal and vertical res. as 1000dpi !!!

  six-h 15:41 04 Jan 2009

Sorry, that should read Pixels per inch, not dots per inch.

  pcbobby 15:41 04 Jan 2009

You could try this free software.
Very simple to use.
click here

  six-h 15:44 04 Jan 2009

but I really want to master this in Photoshop elements!

  john bunyan 15:53 04 Jan 2009

If you want the receiver to have a full size copy to print, it us best to attach the file at 300 dpi in the size you want. If you just want to send a small picture, as the monitor can only show 72dpi, I would reduce the image to , say, 9.5 cm wide, and 72dpi (dots per inch). Not sure of Elements but in Photoshop CS4 it is: Image, Image size, then put in above numbers, let the software choose the height.

  pcbobby 15:56 04 Jan 2009

Hello six-h. I understand.

  six-h 16:06 04 Jan 2009

Do you find that when altering the width, that the resolution changes automatically?
It must be this surreptitious change that has bumped up my file size!
I didn't notice that it had changed from 300 to 1000 ppi, and saved the file as "Re-sized"!!

  six-h 16:32 04 Jan 2009

I've just ticked the little ticky box that says: -"Re-sample image Bicubic", and it's opened up all sorts of possibilities.......not that I know what the hell they are, but at least, I've now got an acceptable image at a third of the original file size!

  six-h 16:33 04 Jan 2009

I'll leave this open in case anyone can explain to me what it is that I've just done!! :-)

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