re- screen freezing on vista

  jade25 14:23 05 Aug 2007

Have two month old visa premium and the last week its started freezing and can't close windows or any program down, doesn't do it all the time but at least once a day, l bring up task manager and its cleared quick and have been readig thread about not enough ram in my pc and to uninstall areo glass? but am not sure about doing this so if anyone thinks it will help me.
Use spybot, defenda which is useless, windows firewall as zone doesn't work and avg anti virus.
When word files would not open l just rebooted and it was ok but the funny thing was that l was deleting lots of old word files just before.
I don't play any games as l teach online so need word files all the time but its the same files l had in aol dialup and have transfered them same as pictures, is that a problem.
Spybot when scanned tells me every time l have 59 spyware files and 50 is always the same thing which can't remember at the moment.

  rawprawn 16:47 05 Aug 2007

This seems to be a fairly common Vista problem which seems to have started following a fairly recent update. I have a similar problem ans so do quite a few others in this forum. No one seems to have an answerb but there is a Vista SP1 update out in about 2 weeks time which I am hoping will solve the problem. I'm sorry I can't really help you.
Use anther spyware detector suc as Ad-Aware 2007
click here

  jade25 11:07 06 Aug 2007

Thank you for telling me that a update is due out as thought it was xmas and your right it was after the update. l didn't know, how will l know that its out.
I got some advice so l thought last week and thought the person was on vista but he was telling me all sorts of things to do and at the end told me he uses xp so now am glad that l did not do everything.
One thing do you mind me asking is l got spybot search and distroy from a link on pc advisor and have used it on xp before but now it tells me that l have 59 spyware evrytime l scan and last time there was three days between and 50 of them is the same one,

  Probabilitydrive 11:23 06 Aug 2007

jade25, on my Vista machine I have to run Spybot as an administrator to up-date it.

Try the following: Right-click S&D > click on 'run as administrator' > click on 'continue' > search updates > update spybot > go to 'immunize and click on it.

Run S&D again ad remove everything it finds. reboot and see whether the above mentioned 50 items have dis- or reappeared.

  jade25 11:36 06 Aug 2007

Thanks will do that as soon as l get through mountains of email, after using spybot last week am getting all the problems,no one seems to have text problem on websites falling down behind one below it and printer won't work, hope vista update will aler that as don't want to buy new as this one was great and only few months old, but writing messages instead of printing is a pain.
If l could sell this vista would buy another xp, for less stress as you don't know if probs are to do with pc or vista, wish l hd never heard of it lol

  Probabilitydrive 11:47 06 Aug 2007

symptoms of spyware (and ather nasties) is the slowing down of your system. You need to address this straight away.

Regarding printer: You would need (probably) specific Vista drivers for your printer to make it work.

But first; run all your anti-spyware programs and delete everything they find.

Post your printer model and the good forum folk will find you Vista drivers , in case they are the culprit for it not working.

  jade25 11:54 06 Aug 2007

Am leaving email and doing it straight away, it isn't slow and ran spybot yesterday but will do it now and see if it still gets 59 again.
Regarding printer have tried 4 drivers and from what l hear is lexmark like mine and a few others just won't work with vista.
Will post back if l get 59 spyware again,
Thanks all

  rawprawn 12:10 06 Aug 2007

If you are the only user on your computer, turn the User Control off. I find it makes life much easier.
Go to Control panel/User account/Turn user account on or off/Turnit off then when you get a warning message click on it and select don't show this again.

  hssutton 18:32 06 Aug 2007

As Rawprawn says, this is a Vista problem. I suffered this from the Vista release. I'm not sure what cured the problem, but a few weeks ago I rebuilt my PC and installed 4gb ram. Have not had a problem since.

I also turned off user control at that time

  rdave13 19:14 06 Aug 2007

Re your post, Mon, 06/08/07 @11:07. Is this the thread you were referring to? click here .
Typing on a vista machine, 1GB ram, Aero feature on, UAC off with red shield showing in notification area.Ram usage is 56%.

  jade25 19:46 06 Aug 2007

Have done all that probilitydrive said and its still showing after scanned 59 issues to remove and 50 again is stat counter again.
hssutton, the way l feel l could throw this pc way but there is no way l can re-build it as can hardly walk.
I took user of on saturday and red sheld is in taskbar and not bothering me, just checked defender and it says no problems.
Read on one thread l found on the vista helproon of changing it to vista basic, would that do it any good, thing is as l teach online and students pay for classes l can't really have problems.
One thing it has not frose for day and half

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