re printer cartridge poll

  tenor 14:42 28 Feb 2003

Maybe the question "or do you just throw away your printer and buy a new one"should be added.Its sometimes cheaper!

  €dstow 14:53 28 Feb 2003

Remember that cartridges supplied with printers are only part full.


  tenor 14:58 28 Feb 2003

How do you know?

  tenor 15:00 28 Feb 2003

I was just goint to say nice that you have your euro back,now ive lost mine!

  €dstow 15:01 28 Feb 2003

Just buy a printer and find out.

I'm in the business of using printers in large numbers and I can tell you quite definitely that ink cartridges supplied with new printers are only part filled. Sometimes it even tells you so.


  €dstow 15:05 28 Feb 2003

About the Euro sign.

I lost it because someone helpful downloaded the new version of Opera for me while I was away. This version is not as versatile as previous ones and although it can have the Euro sign by fiddling about with it, it doesn't seem to retain that fiddling about when you come out of it.

I've gone back to my previous version now!


  tenor 15:09 28 Feb 2003

Hmm,verry interesting.It must be harder to half fill em than fill em up!Found my €.changed my kb to a spanish one.It was lurking under the alt gr and E.

  Wak 20:03 28 Feb 2003

Hi €d, I tried to thank you today for the Spywareblaster update but couldn't find my € sign.
All I could get was a little square.

However, I've just discovered that if you go to Tools/ Internet Options/ General tab/ Fonts button (at the bottom), there are four alternative fonts offered for plain text, and I assume that these replies to forums are all written in plain text

Courier New and Lucida Console will allow the € sign whereas the Letter Gothic and OCR A Extended will change it to a little square.

So possibly the new version of Opera was set to a different font without you realising it???

Veeeery Interesting???

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