Re-occuring PC Problems i can not fix, please help

  Phil930 18:17 27 Aug 2004

I have been having computer problems on and off for months now and can’t identify the cause and hope someone can be of some help to me. I built the computer myself, the main components are:

Asus A7N8X Mobo Rev 2.0 Bios 1007, AMD XP M 2500 @ 2200 MHz (11.0x200 @ 1.6V), GF 6800 Non Ultra DV 61.77, Creative Audigy 2 ZS (up to date drivers installed), 1 Gb Corsair DDR400 LLPT (2x512 sticks), Tagan 480U PSU, Maxtor 120Gb ATA 133 Primary, Maxtor 60Gb ATA100 Slave, Pioneer 107D, Liteon DVD Rom, Win XP Pro SP1a also upgraded to SP2.

The problem used to be I would get a double beep an boot. The computer would pass POST and then double beep and given time would detect my primary Hard drive (HD) and my two IDE Drives. It would not detect my slave HD. A couple of restarts on the reset switch would fix this problem and it would boot. This was when I had a 300 Watt PSU which I thought could be the problem, however has now occurred with the 480 PSu.

Next evident problem is be the locking up of Windows XP Pro. This was during the loading stage where the blue bar scrolls across and windows is loading. When this happened the computer would never load to windows again and I would end up having to reinstall windows with a clean format etc. This was pre SP2. However, its just re-occurred with SP2 installed.

Finally, on loading windows the computer would often give me one of those windows error reports, stating ‘the computer has just recovered from a serious error’. I would dismiss this and continue. Now in windows the computer would work fine. Then I would load a game and after a couple of mins of gaming the display would have blue and white dots all over it and lock up the computer again and restarting it without any prompt from me. This just happened on loading windows but with green dots/lines all across the screen.

So I have a host of problems that I have no idea as to why they are happening. The boot problems used to happen before I got my Asus motherboard, which is only 4 mths old. I have pretty much replaced every part and the same problems are still evident. The only parts that are old are my slave drive (60Gb Maxtor) which is now almost 4 yrs old. My other harddrive is a year old but could this be damaged as well? The memory has been tested and works fine, both in other comps and with memory testing software. The processor is only running at 44 Degrees C under load so its not an overheating issue. All cables are connected properly to my knowledge.

Can anyone help me please, I really am totally confused now as to what to do, the problem are beyond me and re-occurring after clean installs of windows. It is the same problems that continue to occur.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:45 27 Aug 2004

2 short beeps = Parity circuit failure (memory)

Would also account for windows lockups and reason windows re-install required as sys files in memory not rewritten to disk correctly.

  alnwrd 18:55 27 Aug 2004

I had a similar problem when I built my pc which was due to some incompatible bios settings. I chose to load fail safe defaults and that cured the problem. Worth a try

  Phil930 19:27 27 Aug 2004

the fail safe defaults clocks my cpu at 600 mhz and is not really applicable.

the parity circuit failure (memory), how can this be fixed. this has happened with both corsair and crucial memory on a chaintech and asus motherboard. what can i do about this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:55 27 Aug 2004

Two short beeps: Parity circuit failure

This is a system memory problem caused while checking the parity bit on the system memory. Hopefully, it is just a poorly inserted module, but it could also be a defective module or motherboard memory bank.

(PC100 and PC133) two different module speeds trying to work together. Probably make it unstable.

Also do a Virus Check - some viruses cause parity errors).

  woodchip 20:15 27 Aug 2004

Just try one stick memory at a time in 0 or 1 slot which ever is first

  LastChip 20:23 27 Aug 2004

According to Crucial, this motherboard only supports Non-Parity memory.

Are you sure you have the correct memory fitted, as your symptoms do suggest a memory problem.

If you are sure it is correct? Try one module at a time and see if this cures the problem.

There have also been problems in the past, where members have not pushed the memory into the slot hard enough. If it's correctly seated, the clips at each end of the memory bank, should engage without any other help, other than pushing the memory fully into position.

  Phil930 21:05 27 Aug 2004

i am sure i inserted the memory modules correctly as the clips did clamp down without any pressure from me. The modules i have were tested in my motherboard model before they were released by corsair as they are dual channel memory and therefore optimised to work together.

I will do what you guys suggest and try this. i have 3 dimms and have the ram inserted in dimms 0 and 1 currently. However, what is strange is on boot the computer detects the cpu and counts all the memory (all 1gb of it) and then occasionally does the double beep.

Should i try the ram inserted in say dimm 0 and 2 or 1 and 2 rather than 0 and 1? also, could this really be the cause of all the problems i encountered, even graphical issues?

  woodchip 21:11 27 Aug 2004

Put it in 0 as that is the first slot

  Phil930 19:46 31 Aug 2004

The problem still persists. I have moved the ram to the correct dimms as stated in the mobo manual. To avoid confusion there is no Dimm 0 on my mobo, they are known as dimms 1, 2 & 3. The manual says have two sticks in either dimms 1 and 3 or 2 and 3, not 1 and 2 like i previously had.

This temporarily cured the boot problem however it does still occur. This is fixed by one pressing of the restart button and the computer then proceeds to windows xp. However the problem of pink/white/red dots still occurs in windows after i have been using it for about 10 mins. This causes the pc to restart itself and creates an error log on reboot. the windows error message has the following content:


I was unsure if voltages would have anything to do with it so i looked these up in the BIOS as i have a relatively new Tagan 480W PSU.

My Voltages are the following:
VCore CPU 1.65V +3.3V = 3.36V, +5V = 4.94V, +12V = 12.54V
AGP VDDQ Voltage = 1.5V

In display options i am running my monitor at 100Hz. I know this level can be displayed as i have the option box checked saying 'hide refresh rates my monitor can not display'. therefore my highest option is 100 and i know the gfx card would go well past that. Could this possibly cause a problem at 100Hz? Its a CTX 710 Monitor.

Sorry about the slow replies, its just with my pc down i have limited internet access. Thankyou for your help.

  Cyclone 20:36 31 Aug 2004

I don't know if it makes any difference but according to the Asus website your MBO should have a BIOS C1007. It says that BIOS 1007 is only for PCB ver 1.03, 1.04 and 1.06 only.

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