re- Nine years of files deleted

  Jade 14 G 14:09 07 Jul 2004

After l found my work files had gone into HP imaging gallery and thinking there was still a copy of them all in My Documents were l always keep them l deleted the gallery ones.
You proberly have guessed the rest , l had lost every thing. Tried Restore twice but no luck, rang H/P for help and they gave me a website address that will get them back.So went on it and the text on the first page sounded great but after i pressed the download button it takes you to a page to tick of a lot of questions, PROBLEM IS ITS ALL IN SWEEDISH.
The site is click here
Hope you can help as its nine years of my life and family plus work of mine thats been paid for.

  SANTOS7 14:16 07 Jul 2004

click here there are some free to try file recovery progs here one of them will help you, good luck

  Satmansq 14:37 07 Jul 2004

Depending on how important these files are to you it might be better if you left them alone and let a proffessional company deal with the problem as there would be a greater chance of recovery. Trying other programs that may well do what you want could also create more problems and do more harm than good.

Although I dont know the names of these companies or their charges, I am sure that some one here could help or an internet search would provide their names.

  Djohn 14:43 07 Jul 2004

Wait for further advice! Don't do anything else yet. Even though you have deleted them they will still be there as long as you have not formated or overwritten them, it will be just the file names that are missing and there is a good chance of recovery.

One of our more knowledgeable members will be able to offer help.

Good luck and don't panic just yet. j.

  Lionheart ? 15:25 07 Jul 2004

Try click here I have used this with success in the past.

  AndySD 15:26 07 Jul 2004

Ok the problem is the more you use the drive the less chance you have of getting everything back. If you can move the drive to a second pc as the slave drive and run the data recovery progran fron the other pcs drive then this is the best option. If not then use a data recovery program on your pc but you may lose some of what you are trying to save. The program you were looking at costs £31 ... there is a free one click here but my personal favorite is a bit more expensive click here

  SEASHANTY 15:35 07 Jul 2004

Agree with AndySD - the more you use your PC the more chance of your deleted files being overwritten. You should switch to another PC if possible. OnTrack also have a data recovery programme
click here

  Shas 15:49 07 Jul 2004

Jade, that link you posted was to a Dutch website, but the trial software downloads in English. If you want to download it just in case you need it later, when you click on the download tab the list you see is the various software download options available to you. Tick the 'File Rescue Plus' box. The only other info you need to enter is name (naam) and email address. (The Dhr is Mr. and Mevr is Mrs/Miss, and make sure you don't tick the 'Ik meld me ....' checkbox otherwise you'll be inundated with their newsletters!)

Hit the 'aanvraag versturen' box to submit the form. You will then be sent an email with the address from which to download the trial software. Copy and paste the url into your browser bar and the download begins. Save to desktop just to be on the safe side.

  Jade 14 G 18:04 07 Jul 2004

Sorry but didn't see all the answers so used the best from Cnet, it took two hrs.
Then l started the search, by then it found over 4000 so as it said you can stop it anytime.
Tried to see my lost pictures then it informed me that even though it was a free evauation l still had to go to the site and buy a registerd key.
Anyone know what l do next as l feel as if they saw me coming and l had such hope they were going to find them and l would be looking at them by teatime, lol haven't eaten all day,

  Jade 14 G 18:09 07 Jul 2004

Sorry but forgot to answer some of you.
I haven't a second computer and as l am disabled, just legs that won't work, have to say that as a lot, not you think we are brain dead.
Am on my own and have found to get internet / computers out to help is impossible were l live , have tried many times,

  ami 01:41 08 Jul 2004

Jade 14 G
This is the best file recovery programme I know-it works!
click here
Just don't write to your hard drive before using it, your pics are still there, it's only the path to them that's gone. Fast File Undelete lets you search by criteria, in your case for *.jpg or whatever format your pics are in, and then select where you want them recovered to - fast and easy!

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