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  marteeny 10:48 08 Jan 2006

hi all,
well ive just recieved an email back for that bitch saying that she wants a writing pad and the cost of the stamp and cost,before she writes the letter, to confirm that the site is mine.How about if i aproach 1&1 thats were the name of MY SITE is registared and ask and tell them the problem would that matter as i have paid for this work to be done.glad ive go no hair. now im getting fed up with person

  SANTOS7 12:02 08 Jan 2006

I don't normally wander into the Webdesign forum but for those that do,They like me, haven't a clue what your saying, If you want some good pro-active advice
try explaining exactly what the problem is (without the expletives)then i am sure you will get all the help you need.
Give some background info as to what you are trying to acheive and the problems you have faced, preferably in plain english, I am soory to be so blunt but you cannot really expect people to help you with postings like yours, good luck...

  PurplePenny 13:49 08 Jan 2006

This is a continuation of another thread:

click here

That still leaves us in the dark a bit as some of the relevant information was in a private e-mail.

AS I read it this is a summary of the situation:

marteeny paid someone to create a web site for him.
That person registered the domain in her own name.
That person is now asking for more money.
She won't transfer the domain unless marteeny buys her paper and a stamp.

What is she asking for more money for: to correct the mistakes in the site; to make alterations to the site; to make additions to the site; to renew the domain?

marteeny: do you have any written agreement between you and the person who created the site? Is she a professional web designer? Did you understand that the domain name would be registered in your name?


  Taran 13:59 08 Jan 2006

It might be best to keep to one thread rather than start a new one, however, I'd just like to point out that registering a domain name on behalf of a client is common practice.

Many clients actually prefer this arrangement since it removes any possibility of their own details being publicised or one particular individual in a business from having sole responsibility and ownership (I use the work loosely) of a domain.

The unscrupulous thing here is if the lady in question is asking for a lot of money for the domain name. I realise that this is no comfort but this is just one of the manmy potential pitfalls of having a web site done by someone.

I never withhold domains from clients if they want them transferred. Other designers do and every time I get the impression that this practice is finally beginning to die out it rears its head again.

If you have no agreement in place with your lady designer that says the domain is in your name then registering it in hers was and is appropriate.

I have to stress here that YOU DO NOT OWN a domain name - you pay for its use over an agreed period.

I always make clients aware of exactly what they do and do not own, and exactly what they are getting themselves into. Perhaps this was overlooked by your lady designer, which may not have been a deliberate attempt to mistreat you in any way.

Try to remain polite and patient and see where things lead.

If you post details in here (without naming names) we can and will try to help. Without specific information there is nothing we can do.

  Forum Editor 15:19 08 Jan 2006

1. If you refer to someone as "that bitch" again I'll delete your post - keep the conversation calm and clean please.

2. Don't post new threads about an existing problem - it causes confusion as people start posting to both threads.

1&1 are unlikely to be of help here if the domain name is registered to someone else. For this person to say that she requires payment for paper and stamps is ludicrous - apart from anything else, the transfer request (for a name) must be initiated with Nominet UK via a transfer request form. There's a £30+VAT charge to transfer a name to a new registrant, and to obtain a transfer form you must contact Nominet via email at [email protected]

I suggest that you contact the person who is curently the registrant and tell her that you will pay the fee. Send the form to her with a cheque payable to Nominet and a stamped, addressed envelope - all she has to do is fill in the form and post it.

You'll need to get a move on with this, and forget about personalities etc. Stay focused - you just want the name transferred.

  SANTOS7 18:27 08 Jan 2006

Some very sound advice in BOTH threads my friend, take time to read them and act on the information you have been given including the invaluable info from our F.E.
As i understand it you wish to expand your advertising of a "Man and Van removal service"
have you had a look through google (as you mentioned)
click here
refine the search to your area, have a look at your competition "if any" and then decide if it is a viable proposition to spend the extra money in this way.
If your business is already successful to the point where you feel internet advertising is a step forward, use the resources and the info you have been given, and reply regularly to your postings with updates and the progress you have made......

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