re-introducing steam again ?

  podlod 10:10 05 Sep 2011

Hi, I am this week having new installed components added to my pc, and i have been told I have to re-introduce steam again.I have had so many problems in the past regarding steam, so could anybody explain in how I have to re-install steam once it has been removed in LAYMANS terms please!!. I have tried to find the area where this is concerned in the Support section, but it does not reveal my prob, or maybe it does and I cannot see it, Thank you.

  gengiscant 12:19 05 Sep 2011

Your problem is difficult to understand Brian as you seem to be losing your ability to speak /write cohesive English. Perhaps it comes with living in France.

You have failed to mention what components are being upgraded, will it mean a reinstall of Windows XP? if so the just install a new copy of Steam but save the steamapps folder from your current installation which you can then copy across to the new steam folder,that will save you reinstalling your games. You can also Google where the games you have keeps the game save folder and make a copy of that also,or you will have to start your games again.

Or you could just phone me and I'll do it from here.

  Nontek 12:20 05 Sep 2011

Information UNDERload ..... what PC/Desktop/Laptop, what OS, what New Components, who said you have to re-introduce steam????

Not that I know anything about 'steam' apart from the fact it is to do with Gaming - but others more knowledgeable may be able to help, if given the proper Information about your setup.

  PSF 19:02 05 Sep 2011

If you are re-installing steam on a new hard drive you can back-up the files and saved games firt., you can copy them to another drive or DVD. When you re-install steam any games will be re-installed from the steam server. You can the re-install your saved games. There is a lot of information in the 'how to's' section which you can access direct from steam in the Help section.

  podlod 08:16 06 Sep 2011

Hi, Steam in the first place when I registered did not ask for my specs as they went into my pc and took note as nec/ary. They do not mention in having to know your specifications in the noted support area when you need to re-install, I just do not quite understand their explanation? I hope everybody is understanding this cohesion that I am trying to explain in English, but I can write it in French if need be!

Thank you PSF for your understandable and cohesive explanation, which is all I wanted.

  gengiscant 08:50 06 Sep 2011

You still have not bothered to answer the most important questions;

What components are you upgrading?

Will you be reinstalling Windows XP?

You then go on to mention Steam not asking for your specs when installing in the first place, I do not see the relevance of that statement.If you will be reinstalling your operating system and you have Steam installed on the same drive as your operating system, then it will need to be reinstalled. But you can make it an easier process by copying a couple of folders from the old Steam installation and of course your game saves.

Can you provide a link to the "noted" support area where you are having trouble understanding the explanation?

  PSF 11:00 06 Sep 2011

Steam make a note of your pc spec as some games need a higher spec system to run the games. Have a look at:

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