Re-installing XP too often? Well not yet!

  Diemmess 17:11 02 Aug 2004

No, I haven't even installed XP for the first time!

But if/when that day comes I would like a life saver which one of the sages in this forum mentioned.

It is not a code cracker, it is merely a file saved from a running version of XP which provided there has been no changes in hardware, matches the re-installation with its licence and allows the computer to run.

It (from memory) is used to overwrite the existing file in the umpteenth installation. I shall keep it with the rest of many hints from this place that I store safe against the day!

The name of this file please, anyone?

  dth 17:18 02 Aug 2004

It isn't a problem - I've wiped my h/d and re-installed Windows XP about 20 times over
the last 2 years. You just re-activate XP.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:50 02 Aug 2004

'I've wiped my h/d and re-installed Windows XP about 20 times over the last 2 years'...OK, I'll be the first to ask.....why?


  Diemmess 17:59 02 Aug 2004

Two great minds clearly think alike!

Just hedging my bets against the time when the vital piece of info cannot be found.

Yes I know XP is much better ..etc etc.. etc.. and here am I managing with W98SE mainly because I can depend on it for most things and a wobbly occasionally.

First Ghost and more recently HyperOs, keep things nicely and re-installation is for family and friends these days, but you never know!!

  leo49 18:06 02 Aug 2004

Never had to do it myself but I noted that when this came up in the past that copying the wpa.dbl file from the WINDOWS\system32 folder is supposed to work.

  Chegs ® 19:02 02 Aug 2004

I was advised to create a copy of the wpa.dbl file(I now have)to avoid the situation I'm presently in.My hdd's failed within a week of each other,before they expired I was having to reinstall XP Home upto 3x a day,as these drives were very unreliable(that was caused by their imminent failure)in the preceeding weeks.When I installed XP Home for approx 10th time(inside 30 days)I couldn't activate it over the net,I have to phone M$ to activate it(a painless exercise normally,but I have no phone,only ADSL)within 30 days of installation.I haven't tried to see what the maximum number of times I can activate it over the phone(yet)and am unlikely to ever need to find this out,as my new hdd's are here/installed and working(better than their predessors ever did) :-)

  stalion 19:07 02 Aug 2004

if I had to re-install 20 times in two years i'd buy a mac

  Diemmess 20:11 02 Aug 2004

You had the very filename I wanted.

In my ignorant but enthusiastic days, I installed Win 3.1.1, 95,and 98 ..........far too many times because I didn't understand termination of daisy chained SCSI. I needed my scanner quite often, and to use it was to invite yet another o/s collapse.

OK things are better now, but I like the idea of having more than one "fire extinguisher" to hand.

  Diemmess 20:16 02 Aug 2004

The same naughty thought had crossed my mind.......... but I was seeking help not confrontation. In my last posting I had to confess I was in a re-installation loop until I heard about "scanreg /restore".

  stalion 20:18 02 Aug 2004

was meant to be humerous no offence intended.Regards

  Diemmess 21:00 02 Aug 2004

I didn't take it personally and I hope GANDALF <|:-)> wouldn't either. He's "big" enough and usually has good advice on most problems. My comment about not seeking confrontation was meant to be humourous, like yours about switching to a mac.

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