Re-installing XP Pro, is there an easy way?

  johnem 22:18 05 Apr 2006

Hi Gang,
If as it seems likely, I will be re-installing XP pro to get a "Genuine" version on my machine, is there any way that I can utilise Acronis True Image v8 to make a backup up of the already installed software and data, that can then be restotred onto the new install of XP pro? Or will the backup version over-writethe new version including "Validation" etc?

  Phphred 22:37 05 Apr 2006

Acronis will overwrite everything: but why don't you try a repair with your genuine XP pro, although I don't know if it will pass muster by MS, but I should think that it would be worth a try!!

  johnem 22:40 05 Apr 2006

Sounds like a plan, got to be worth a try, thank you.

  rawprawn 07:55 06 Apr 2006
  Simsy 09:23 06 Apr 2006

from your question, that all your data is on the same partition as Windows XP...

What you could do is make the image of your existing drive then, when the new XP is installed, (I'm assuming onto a newly formatted drive?), install True Image and "open" the image file and copy across the data from this image, (which will appear to be in a virtual drive with it's own letter).

However, I would recomend backing up your data onto CD/DVD anyway, and it is probably just as easy to restore from this backup.



  Eric half-bee 10:44 06 Apr 2006

Running a repair is probably what you want, but if that doesn't suit your needs another, if complex option, would be to create a new partition on your drive as it currently is - Partition Magaic can do this (and I think there are a few free partition managers around, or True Image can, see below - copy your required data to that partition and install the new version of XP onto the old partition.

To create a partition using True Image select the Manage Secure Zone from the tools options. This will initiate a wizard that allows to chooose whwre and how large the partition will be, however, this secure partition is hidden frpom the user - to make it accessable right click on My Computer and select Manage, then go to Disk Management. Select the partition and right click. delete the partition (make sure you have right one) then right click to format and assign a drive letter. Now you have a partition to copy your music, documents or whatever onto to, as long as you're careful when installing the new OS this will be safe (although CD back-ups are a must).

  wizzboy 12:20 06 Apr 2006

dear friend there is a easy way on xp pro you can do a backup of all thing on your computer.go to acccessories ,and system tools ,then backup,you have to have a second hard drive in your computer or if you only have one then spilt it in two partions it also depends how big your files are if i was you i backup every thing on your computer and after that it will ask you for a foopy disk to make if you in the near fuhter have to reinstall a gain all your files will be there ,i should know i do it all the tme,wizkid.
[email protected]

  SANTOS7 12:24 06 Apr 2006

As an aside wizzboy not a good idea to post email links you leave yourself open to all manners nafariuos.
be interested to know why you have to reinstall "all the time"...

  Stuartli 12:26 06 Apr 2006

>>be interested to know why you have to reinstall "all the time"...>>

The same thought did cross my mind...:-)

  lotvic 12:53 06 Apr 2006

a google search for XP Pro Change Product Key
reveals that you do not have to re install - just change the product key to the valid one click here

  johnem 12:54 07 Apr 2006

Thank you to all who have taken the time to provide me with a variety of suggestions. I have been away from my computer for a couple of days and will proceed to try some/all of them a little later. I do have a second hard drive installed and have been using this for data backup, so perhaps I am already half way there.

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