Re-Installing WME

  spuds 00:23 26 May 2003

Due to problems with my computer,it as been suggested that I re-install my o/s, which is WME. Is it possible to to install WME on top of the existing installation. Or will this method cause problems with other programmes,drivers and hardware already installed and working.Trying to find the easy and best way to re-install WME.

  woodchip 00:26 26 May 2003

Is it a WinME disc or a Restore Disc. If it's a Restore disc it will scrub the drive an reload as when you got the computer

  spuds 00:34 26 May 2003

It will be the original full Microsoft WME disk,as used on machine when first purchased, not a restore disk.

  -pops- 07:53 26 May 2003

Don't install on top - that's a good way of retaining all the faults you may be experiencing.

Ensure you have copies of all drivers and all programs you wish to keep and do an fdisk, format and re-install. You will be amazed how much better it will work after doing this.

As you have a full ME disk, I assume you have the manual as well. All instructions for the above procedure are in the manual.


  Mango Grummit 09:02 26 May 2003

Installing over the top is indeed possible and can often cure problems with the least amount of hassle. It may be a good idea first though to start a new thread describing your problems and see if anyone can help you cure them. Formatting and reinstalling is a pain and something to be avoided if you can.

  woodchip 11:05 26 May 2003

Sometimes it works sometime it makes maters worse, but it could save you having to reload everything, it just depends how bad things are. Would not Scanreg/restore put things back to working condition

RUN C:/windows/options/cabs/setup.exe then reboot to reinstal windows over the top but a clean instal after formating and fdisking is probably a better idea if you have big problems.

  broggs 11:33 26 May 2003

Have installed winme over the original damaged system on two separate occasions.Both worked fine.

  spuds 18:36 26 May 2003

Listing the problems would take to long. At present I am running in selective mode, otherwise I would have not computer.Things started to go wrong when I installed a new scanner and card reader.Uninstalled those and had problems since. Starting up in safe mode, error messages, then Microsoft suggests re-installing WME.

I was looking for the easy way to re-install, without trying to find all the other programme disks, drivers etc. Thought that before I took the lazy way, and re-installed over the existing installion, would seek further advice.Wouldn't want another couple of weeks of head scratching.

  anchor 09:17 27 May 2003

Like broggs I have a number of times, reinstalled Win-ME over a damaged system, and it worked fine.

Try that first.

  ^wave^ 09:36 27 May 2003

whatis the problem that is causing you to re install

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